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Do you IDPA? Steel Challenge? Active Pistol? IPSC? USPSA? 3 Gun Competitions? Or do any other competitive shooting? Want to get into competitive shooting? This is the area for all things Competitive Shooting!

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I’m wanting to get into Action Pistol Shooting.

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I’m going to do 3 gun and a tactical challenge that I am helping a club member design.

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well… my hubby used to do all of that, plus cowboy action shooting. Plus he RSO’d on a lot of major comps including the Steel Challenge national event in CA. I’ve done some IDPA, IPSC and the IDPA-style Stock-Glock, plus Trap competition (shot skeet and sporting clays too, but not for competition). I’m not a serious competitor, but my hubby was before he detached the retina in his dominant eye - his last year of serious competition (with both eyes) he shot in-the-money IPSC at the national level.
I like competition, but don’t have time to devote the practice it takes to win. Plus I’m probably past the prime age for getting really competitive. Wonder what the seniors brackets look like though… :wink:
adding: I need to see if there’s a local women’s competitive league. Maybe that would be a fun way to make sure I practice as much as I say I’m going to, but don’t quite manage.