Getting into Competition Shooting


For those of you who do competitive shooting, how would you suggest someone new to competitive shooting gets started?

Which type of shooting do you do? What equipment do you need?

Should this be its own section?


Make this it’s own section. I’m interested in this and in my studies have found
Steel Challenge
Active Pistol
3 Gun Competitions
This could turn into a huge section.


I’m just getting started with doing competitions, and I’m doing all of it with concealed carry holsters, and my AR that is being designed to be what I would’ve wanted overseas. I know it’s definitely another hole you can go down that you can spend a lot of money in. I’m excited to see what others reccomend.

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My husband was a national-level competitor for a lot of years before he detached the retina in his dominant eye (he’s still accurate, just not competition-speed anymore). He started in Cowboy shooting, then moved to IDPA and finally to IPSC.

If you like the western ethos, Cowboy action shooting is fun and social, plus you get to dress up as much as you want to.
IDPA is more “keeping it real” … could this scenario really happen? Then let’s use it.
IPSC is more “Ya know, I bet we could set up a scenario where…” any random and challenging thing could happen. Big gray aliens on tricycles would be entirely acceptable in the scenario.

I think the biggest thing is to decide what sounds like fun to you, what interests you, then go find a club that does that. Sign up for the club, show up for the league shoots, make friends, make time to practice outside of league events.

And if you decide you enjoy competition, buy the biggest Dillon reloading press you can afford and learn to use it. Depending on what you’re shooting, ammo can be expensive. When my hubby was training hard, he’d sometimes shoot 1800 or more rounds a week… at that pace the top-end press will pay for itself pretty darn fast.


Just give it a try. I resisted, but finally went…and BOy am I glad I did. 100% addicted to the adrenaline rush and love that I get that rush when training with my edc weapon. I compete just as I carry. Same holster, Crossbreed of course, same mag holsters, same everything. So, I’m preparing, while I compete, while having a blast!

I’m not competitive, not that good of a shot. But I can put several rounds in the torso, so I have confidence.

If you’re thinking about it, go check it out. Watch a few stages, then go for it. I guarantee you will be welcomed and supported. If you’re not, come shoot with me and you will. :us::us: