New shotgun

Just found and bought a browning auto 5 which I have always wanted who ever had this gun really took care of it …Tim


Congrats. I still hunt with my Dad’s A-5 a few times a year, they are a lot of fun. Make sure you pattern it, the modern plastic wads keep the shot a little tighter than the older wads that were in use when the gun was made.

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< still want one here. But for me, I’ve got to go out on the public days at the skeet and trap range and see if I can stand getting my back through a course of fire with the shotgun I own first. (And then do it a few days in a row…) I’d love an A5 in 20ga.

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Think I’ll get to shoot it and my new over under Friday at the World Shooting Complex…Tim

Congrats! I’ve got a Light 20 that was my Christmas present when I was 12 (56 years ago) and my Dad’s old Sweet 16 that was bought in 1946 with his $125 service bonus given to WWII vets by the sate of Illinois. My 20 is Still my field gun for quail and pheasant- never needed anything more.

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Coll buddy you have 2 great guns there…I always wanted a auto 5 since I was 13 and now I hate to say I finally got it at 58 :partying_face:

Looked at a NICE light 12 today, with box, for $850…gotta figure what I can swap for it😏

Sounds like a not to bad deal…Tim

Took it to my club the other day to shoot man I love it …Tim

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