New San Jose Law 2023

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100% gun control whose sole intention is to make it more difficult and expensive to keep and bear arms and will not do a darn thing to reduce “gun violence”


I feel sorry for the Coast Guard. I imagine there’s going to be a messload of boating accident out on SF bay very soon.


Owners or carriers? :slight_smile: Love to see the bad guys get caught out on this one. What happens to people who don’t have insurance?


Ocean levels are rising…and now we know why.


Combination of the glacier melt due to political exothermic aural expulsion as well as those poor submerged hi-points. Dear me…:rofl:


Welcome to American Dream, where money rules. At least people can own the firearms. :wink:


better don’t ask… :zipper_mouth_face:

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Gavin Newsom wannabe is SJ’s mayor.

:notes: Do you know the way to San Jose? :notes:

I do but I’ve got no intentions to go there anytime soon.

NO TRUER words were ever spoken but in a way it is a benefit to weapons caeiers and insurance carriers

I participated in an event at Stanford’s Hoover Institute several Xmases ago. My hosts took me to dinner and while we were walking to the restaurant, looking at the XMas lights, my hosts told me that Palo Alto passed an ordinance making all XMas lights except LEDs illegal.

San Jose’s insurance requirement is about as sensible as Palo Alto’s XMas ordinance. Maybe it’s something in the water in those South Bay cities.

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Like everywhere, folks have the newer lights here in Charlotte also. They look like fiesta more than Christmas to me. Wrong colors. Ridiculously bright.