New federal lawsuits


I wish we could stop calling them large capacity magazines!
They are standard capacity magazines.

Standard, double stack and extended magazines!

Any questions?


Manufactured by a company specifically for a model of firearm they sell?
Not high capacity, they are standard.


Hoping that courts will be a remedy for dumb laws is magical thinking – it all depends on the judge, the facts of a case and how much money the pro-2nd Amendment plaintiffs have in contrast to the government which can draw from virtually limitless legal resources (your tax dollars) and employ an army of taxpayer funded lawyers to defend dumb laws.

The only real solution to actions like the Illinois legislation is to vote the legislators out of office. Nothing gets a politician’s attention like a recall.

If you are implying that the 10 round in that pic is standard, I would disagree and say that as a reduced or neutered magazine as capricious and arbitrary laws are the only reason that 10 rounder exists


Looks like a single stack on the right, though I’m not aware of any single stack Glocks besides the 42/43.
The width looks like a double stack, but the numbered holes have me thinking single.

Edit…G48 possibly

I’m pretty sure it’s a neutered magazine for compliance purposes. A G17 magazine reduced to only hold 10, like a Gen3 Glock shipped to CA for example might have

It’s basically exactly the same as a real G17 mag but, well, neutered


Nope. G48…10 rounds standard

Point is, there’s no such thing as a large capacity magazine. Who decideds what a large capacity is?

This is a large capacity magazine…

This is not standard!



Standard Capacity on my FN-509 is 17. That is literally the “standard” capacity from the factory.
Now the 24 round magazine might be considered “high capacity” by some :thinking:

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I don’t think the one in the pic is a G48 mag. To me, zoomed in, it looks identical to the G17 magazine in every external dimension.

And in addition to a G48 mag being narrower than a G17, it would also be shorter

If that was in fact a G17 mag next to a G48 mag, the G48 mag would be narrower *and * shorter.

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Yeah, you’re right. Just looked up a 10 round Glock 17 mag, and unlike the G17 pmags I have, Glock looks like they block off one side. My 10 round pmags have the side by side holes.
Edit…dang, too many Glocks lol. My Glock21 mags look like the pic with the holes on one side…10 round. The Pmags G17 mags have…no holes :rofl: