Never stops - more infringement coming 1000% Tax

If you think these politicritters will ever leave you alone, please think again.

They will never STOP, so don’t ever compromise on anything. They are not here to negotiate in good faith, they are here to take away YOUR RIGHTS.


Maybe they are trying to make gun sales over a million per month a regular thing? That seems to be what they have accomplished so far.


I’ve seen this idea, before. Apparently they want to make sure that only rich people can afford to protect themselves. The grandmother collecting Social Security while living in a high crime area? Screw her.


Sure, that is the effect when prices are still affordable.

Imagine the chilling effect caused when trying to buy a firearm that “costs” $500 but with the new “2A Tax” comes out to $5,500. How about if that firearm costs $1000, now you are looking at $11,000.

Firearms fluctuate in price a lot. Let’s say budget ones are between $200 - $1200. All of a sudden there are no budget firearms. The biggest threat on this is that they are talking about passing this as a reconciliation measure, so that they don’t even have to face the possibility of a filibuster.

We have to fight these infringements at every turn.


I think they just want your email address so they can send you junk email.

They will send you e-mail when these things do come up, but I don’t consider that junk e-mail. They are keeping you informed about the latest infringements. In addition, the legal cases that FPC and GOA have been involved with clearly show that they are quite legitimate.

When we choose to not get involved because we might receive notification e-mails, we really can’t complain that we are not informed, or when our RIGHTS go away because we were sleeping. IMO

I am not trying to discourage anyone and I get your point but It seems like every time I give my email out I start getting email from computer generated emails.

Looks like a black-market stimulus package!