House Democrat Floats 1,000% Tax on AR-15-Style Rifles | The Daily Wire

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Seems to me there was something going on about unreasonable taxation back around 1774. I will call some of my friends in the UK and see if they remember how that turned out.


Why not 10000% tax? It will help fund 3 hours worth of military assistance to Ukraine.


Be cheaper to go to Afghanistan and get an M4 from the Taliban.


Let the “purge” begin!
These are worst of times, and the worst of times!


The world is starting to turn into the movies made.
The Hunger Games
The Maze Runner
The Purge


That is ONE TAX THAT I WILL NEVER PAY,since all my weapons were lost in some river and State that I cant remember,and besides there are no serial numbers on them,made them from the ground up with a router and drill press,bumped my head when the boat sank and had amneisia


You cant tax something that’s already in your possession of that is made by yourself. Ripe for lawsuits.


These ANTI-GUN PEOPLE/GROUPS just don’t seem to understand the of the last MASS SHOOTINGS the shooter DID PASS A BACKGROUND CHECK OR THEY BORROWED THE GUN USED. Also they just don’t seem to understand the their GUN LAWS WILL NOT KEEP CRIMINALS FROM GETTING GUNS. And that when asked where the criminals that were in jail where they got their guns? They said that they bought them off the street, on the black market, borrowed from a friend, or stole them. And the ANTI-GUN PEOPLE/GROUPS just don’t understand this fact. All that their gun laws do is to keep lawful citizens from being able to defend themselves. I also think that these elected officials need to GET RID OF THEIR PAID SECURITY AND LET THEM GO ABOUT THEIR EVERYDAY BUSINESS WITHOUT ARMED SECURITY AND LET THEM SEE JUST WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEY HAVE TO CALL LAW ENFORCEMENT TO HELP THEM. and how long it takes for help to arrive on scene.

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The Demolition Man doesn’t look as cheesy now as when it was first show n