Nerf Gun Backlash

What are your thoughts about Nerf Guns?


That’s very interesting because I happen to think that parents that raise their kids in NYC are bad examples for their kids. (see how opinions work?)

I WANT my kids interested in “assault style” weapons because I want them to find the same pleasure I do in firing them at the range and understand their usefulness as defensive weapons and how critically important they can be to a home defense system and how they are what the founding fathers envisioned when they talked about the people having protection from the Government.

Jr’s and baby girl have each owned various versions of nerf "assault style weapons and their have been some pretty epic nerf wars in our home. So far all that has developed are two teenagers who are very respectful to others and have a good base knowledge and respect for real guns.

Ms Chittenden can let me know when she’s banned them from video games and until then she’s welcome to her opinions and I would prefer she keep them to herself but I’ll definitely not be taking any of her advice on child rearing, thank you very much.



How many of y’all had matchbox cars, tonka trucks, or other wheeled toys growing up?

And how many of you spent half your time driving them around… and the other half crashing them into things, “exploding” them, crashing them together, flying them off tables to crash on the floor, running them into things to knock those things down, and all sorts of other destruction? (Well, anyway, I’m thinkin’ it wasn’t just me and my brothers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Having treated my “cars” that way growing up doesn’t mean I treated them that way when I started to drive, or that I do now. I’m not a danger to society because I “assaulted” everything with them as a kid.

I don’t think having “assault” nerf guns damages a kid’s mind or spirit any more than the “assault” matchbox cars I had growing up.

I’m 100% good with nerf guns, in any volume of “fire”.


@Zee When I was a little boy growing up in Chicago in the’50’s kids had toy guns that actually really looked like guns and rifles. I told this story in the past but sometimes Chicago cops on patrol in my neighborhood in around ‘55,’56’57ish driving in my neighborhood would stop and play Soldier with the kids or Cops and Robbers. Once two of Chicago PD officers brought me and three of my boyfriends to the Precinct and put us in a cell and scared the poop out of all 4 of us, well not any of us were ever in trouble our whole lives. So what I’m saying is Old School is not necessarily a bad thing.


Actually, if you took a look at some of the latest versions they’re quite impressive (20+ round magazines etc)

Starts off with an AR pistol type gun, then a couple accessories later and it’s an AR style rifle with “laser” site add a couple more accessories and it’s precision sniper rifle with scope and bi-pod.

Smith & Wesson may want to see if Nerf is willing to sell the design patents on a couple of those bad boys! :slight_smile:


Nope, in fact I’d argue the Old School is the Best School……. :+1:


Amen to that Jim, True True Sir



Sorry… couldn’t help trying out my new meme app generator.


Nerf guns are the new Rorschach test. Doc shows it to the patient, the patient gets triggered, doc commits patient.

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I think that the perpetually offended, self righteous, hypocrites on the far left will always find something to be outraged by. Give in long enough and they will want to outlaw making finger guns too.


… um, yeah, twelve year olds getting arrested for that already…


I have not read the article yet and may revise or add to this once I do but my first thought out of the gate is it is NONE of the GOVERMENTS business.

Ok I have read the article and see it is a consumer group. Screw them, they have no right to tell a toy maker what they should and should not make. It you dont like the toy DO NOT BUY IT.

I am beginning to think more and more of our educated (?) people no longer have any use of there brains.


Well, too late for Christmas, but I know what my nephew is getting from me for his birthday this year! :grin:


When I first saw that Nerf commercial a couple months ago, I could almost hear the snowflakes melting! :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


Nerf wars for Days!
(as long as the Quartermaster has been as helpful as that family)


Well I was going to say something a bit more outrageous and toned it down, of course I remember the girl that got in trouble for it. But it was going to be something along the lines of removing the opposable thumb so horrible assault finger guns could no longer be able to frighten those precious snowflakes.

I am so {expletive deleted} tired of watching this cancer of progressivism spread. Benjamin Franklin said it best " those who would give up freedom in the name of security deserve neither".

Feel free to moderate this @Dawn or @Zee I understand that it may be to outre for this forum. But I mean really, Nerf guns are a problem? At some point a line has to be drawn and the perpetually outraged and professionally offended need to be told to go take a long walk off a short pier, preferably into an extremely cold lake.


I bet Carol Chittenden doesn’t get invited to many kids parties :slight_smile: My kids and every kid in the neighborhood had those things. We had them put their initials on the darts with a Sharpie so we could return lost darts found while mowing the yard.




In my second post, I mention that I had toned my first post down, as I didn’t think the imagery I had intended was appropriate for this forum. I actually try very hard to be professional in any communication I post online as it is forever. I know this better than most due to my previous profession.

However, what is going on with our country right now is unheard of. In previous years it would of been unheard of for candidates to talk about straight up confiscation, yet not only is it being talked about it is being celebrated by a small, bought and paid for minority of our population.

Politicians are threatening to use the National Guard on it’s citizenry, a duly elected President is being threatened with impeachment by a majority party that even Constitutional Litigators are saying are unconstitutional (look up Alan Dershowitz Harvard Law Professor Emeritus article) he rightfully points out that the Legislative branch of Government in it’s pursuit of the Executive has taken powers that are rightfully part of the Judiciary ( entire system of checks and balances) to prosecute the Executive purely because they have the numbers. Alexander Hamilton warned of this exact problem when he and the other founding fathers of our country founded our Country.

We are not children here. Every President has used the power of the his office at some point. Obama himself did it when he was getting Obamacare passed. A senator from a crucial state would not vote in favor of his bill until Obama gave his state something in return. How is that not Quid Pro Quo? If we follow the logic they are using against our current duly elected President.

Michael Bloomberg, brags about the bought and paid for 6 million members of his Everytown and Mother’s Demand Action. Well there are 3 times as many CC permit holders alone not to mention all of the hunters and sport shooters and plain gun owners. We have to speak up now, not next month or next year, now.

Let our duly elected Representatives know that the 2nd Amendment is not an optional Amendment to be neutered at the convenience of some egocentric, geriatric, billionaire who has the money to whip up a vocal minority. While the Silent Majority sits there being adults and hoping the far left will come to it’s senses.


^^^ that right there.

^^^ and that right there.

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