Need help finding a gun for my mom

She found a Sig P365 with a safety. I am envious of the extra two rounds that gun’s magazines hold. My Walther CCP only holds eight.


Before she takes the plunge get with a qualified instructor that knows how to properly fit a handgun and make sure it fits her well enough so that she’ll be able to control it.

My general rule is that when properly gripped the thumb and 2nd finger slightly overlap so that they hit each other about mid nail to the base of the nails.

Any less than that and you will have a hard time controlling it, any more than each meeting at the first knuckle and you’ll have a hard time controlling it.


Just got a EZ for the wife. Nice little piece, very easy to operate, decent accuracy, very reliable to date with multiple types of ammo. Replaced her 19 Glock that she could no longer rack.

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Nice @Dwayne! Your wife has an excellent hubby :smile:
now take her to the range regularly, and make sure she stays in practice :wink:

I just picked one up to use while teaching for those who have the same issue… it is a sweet shooting firearm!

Plan on it Zee. Picked up 550 rounds of .380 ball and 120 Hornady Crirical Defense. That will do her for a while😏

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I would recommend a revolver. That eliminates the need to rack it. And with the way revolvers are made with the shear plates now and the proper holster it will be just as safe as anything.