Nebraska 2021 gun bills (good and bad)

Public hearing February 24th 1:30pm
LB188 - Adopt the Second Amendment Preservation Act
In Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee which is good because Judiciary is stacked full of anti-gunners,

Public hearing March 3, 2021 9:30AM Judiciary Committee
LB13 Prohibit possession of a deadly weapon by the subject of a foreign protection order
(adds more restrictions than the most other state;s protection orders)

LB85 Require Nebraska State Patrol to provide notice of expiration of concealed handgun permits
(not currently required to do so and do not)
LB244 Change permit renewal provisions of the Concealed Handgun Permit Act
(adds 30 grace period if permit expires, currently you have to start over, taking class (usually over $100, reapply, pay $100 fee instead of $50 renewal).

Starting at 1:30 p.m Judiciary Committee

LB116 Change provisions relating to handgun transfer certificates and require suicide prevention training and informational materials
(suicide prevention training to requirement for handgun purchase permit and increases waiting period from 3 business days to 5)

LB173 Change provisions relating to carrying a concealed weapon
(due to Nebraska Supreme Court rulings it is now carrying a concealed weapon to transport a firearm in your vehicle if its in a guncase or the box it came from because you just bought , Conceal carry permit only applies to handguns so even if you have a conceal carry permit you could theoretically be charged with carrying a concealed weapon for having a cased rifle or shot gun in your car or truck. this bill would exempt having a gun in case or box from being defined as carrying a concealed weapon. This bill is submitted every session and due to number of bills is never heard on the floor

LB300 Change provisions relating to the justification for the use of force
(makes the prosecution prove force was not justified instead of you proving it was, adds stand your ground to your vehicle, currently duty to flee except in home and on the job)

LB404 Change permit and renewal time periods under the Concealed Handgun Permit Act
(increases permit from being valid for 5 years to 10. Sounds good until you realize that under federal law Nebraska’s Conceal Carry Permit would no longer over ride need for background check when you buy a gun.)

LB417 Authorize possession of a firearm on school grounds by a full-time, off-duty law enforcement officer
(currently banned)

Nebraska Firearm Owners Association asking as many members who can to be at the capital February 24th and March 3rd. I took March 3rd off work to be there, its an all day thing.


Welcome aboard. And thank you for the update on the hearings. Fingers crossed on LB188 and 116 is a joke.

Thank for welcome.

Already been through committees, results not published
LB223 - Authorize carrying a firearm while archery hunting - Natural Resources Committee January 28th
LB118 - Extend Domestic Violence Protection Orders from 1 year to 5 years - Judiciary Committee February 5th
(attempt to sneak Red Flag legislation in after last open attempt failed)

Welcome Stuart

I too live in Nebraska. I will be keeping my eye on these thanks for the information.

Just, finally checking out the community groups. Also a NE resident and wish I’d looked in earlier to see these laws before they were voted on. Do you post these regularly when new ones come up? Be nice to get a chance to look them over before we get stuck with any bad ones or could support good ones.

I have an update.

LB236 made it to the floor, however the Nebraska Attorney General wrote an opinion claiming the bill was unconstitutional . The bill was written because state senators who were against constitutional carry said that it should be up to counties to decided that issue not the state. so the origiainl bill gave counties that optician. They then submitted the bill to the attorney general to get it killed.

So what happened is the bill was changed to incooperate LB-85, LB-173 and LB-244 into it. That amended bill was passed and signed into law by Governor Rickets.

So the original intent of LB236 is gone and we will have to work on getting state senators elected who actually follow article 1 of the Nebraska Consitution to get Consitutional Carry instead.

The law now requires that conceal permit holders be given notice when their permits is going to expire and be given 30 days past the expiration date to reapply without having to go through the training again and only having to pay the $50 renewal fee.

It also clarifies that it is NOT carrying a conceal weapon for a person without a conceal carry permit to transport an unload fire arm in your vehicle when it is inside a guncase or the box it came from the gunstore in. This was necessary because the Nebraska Supreme Court said previously existing law made it carrying a concealed weapon though that was never the intent of an earlier unicameral.

Oddly enough antigun groups are calling this a victory for them because of the carrying the gun unloaded in case portion of the law. But its not a requirement that you carry your gun concealed in case its only an option you can choose to exercise. It was always and is still legal to OPEN carry your firearm in your vehicle except In Lincoln. which has city ordnance against it.

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It’s great to see others paying more attention to the workings of government. They need to know that eyes are on them.