Clarification on Upcoming U.S. Supreme Court Decisions & NY State Laws on Conceal Carry?

How is it in NY state? I heard that the U.S. Supreme court is expected to hand down an opinion related to the 2A as soon as next week but no later than late this June or early July, 2022. Word is there’s particular interest on how it’ll affect NY state.

Couldn’t find the answers from prior posts titles.

I was unaware that since 1911, “NY, conceal carry permission require applicants to give a reason for why they want to carry a concealed firearm in public”. “For example, it could be because they have been threatened or their job places them in danger.”

Is that true? Reportedly two men are amidst a law suit Vs NY where they ask permission to be allowed to “carry”. A report read that “65% of NY applications for unrestricted concealed carry were approved in 2018 and 2019”. How hard is it to obtain a permit there compared to other states?

Is it correct, that “seven other states have a similar laws”? Which states?

What topic or question is the Supreme Court going to decide about herein?

It all depends on how broadly or narrowly they rule. It could be a major victory that affirms the right of all law abiding US citizens to carry or a slight improvement that the anti gun States continue to ignore and work around.

In CA it is up to the county sheriff whether or not they may issue a license and how much cause (or cash for their reelection fund) you need to provide to be approved. So in some counties self defense is accepted as a valid reason, in other counties you aren’t getting one unless you have powerful connections and/or a lot of cash.

Look up “may issue” vs. “shall issue”… think the uscca reciprocity map has the info…


It’s certainly harder in NY than Utah. 52 bucks, 8 hour class and 60 days for the State to dick around and it comes in the mail. That of course totally ignoring the fact that you can actually carry a gun concealed or open carry without a permit in the State of Utah.