CC in MD

I live in Maryland and received my Concealed Carry about three weeks after the Supreme Court decision. Prior to this, it was nearly impossible to get a carry permit because we needed to demonstrate a need. Now all of that is eliminated and Maryland is a ‘shall issue’ state. Applications have increased over 700%. I live near Baltimore. Concealed carry classes are packed with wait lists several months out. Radio ads occur multiple times a day. Gun ranges are packed. Who else received theirs? No need to give names.


Congratulations! Glad to see MD gave into reason and followed the SCOTUS ruling instead of trying to find new ways to deny people their rights to self defense like CA and NY are.


I’m on the Eastern Shore. Just took my class and submitted my application last week. I’ve heard it’s taking 60-90 days from acceptance before the actual cards are being sent out.


Hello and welcome @PDon1119


Wow. Interesting story. Thanks for sharing.

Yeah, it’s the law. I’ll believe it when you receive it.

Let’s hope all the Marylanders enjoying the new CC privileges smarten-up and give the 2nd amendment consideration when they vote going forward. I live in Maryland and our voters are generally not very savvy with regard to the Constitution. A lot of Kool Aid is consumed here.