Moving out of state (possibly) with handgun not registered in my name


OK. So my mother bought both of my handguns for me (I’m gonna be turning 20 in August) but I then bought them off of her (it’s legal to do that according to the ATF site that a USCCA social care person sent me). Now it’s looking like I’ll be moving to NH for an electrician’s apprenticeship, in a matter of months but I’m not sure if I can take my guns with me there since they’re not in my name. I would think that I could but I was wondering if anyone here knew a place I could find the answers for my question.

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Check online for a firearm ownership transfer form. Make sure COMPLETE firearm name/model number and serial number are listed AS WELL AS both parties’ signatures. You may be required to notarize the form. Make sure to make at LEAST 2 (two) copies of the COMPLETED form in addition to the original.
I received a 12ga as a 2015 Christmas gift, and completely filled out an online form showing a legal transfer.
If it is any comfort to you, NH, VT, and ME are much more 2A than CT, MA, or RI.


I know NH is more 2A than the rest of New England but I’m asking this because I’m not going to be 21 when I move there. And my understanding is that I can’t have any handgun transferred into my name until I’m 21. Or am I mistaken? I’m currently living in Alabama.


Hi Luke,

Sorry, I missed that. As you know, age varies state to state. I will check that out if you would like.


Yes please. I know I can CC in NH at my age and get a CCL at my age but I just need to know if there’s a law that would prevent me moving out of my parents’ house to a different state with handguns I bought from her. But otherwise I don’t know where to find such information


Will do. Will respond later today.


Cool. I’m reaching out to someone I know who’s an FFL person hoping that he may have an answer. Hopefully one of us will come up with something.


Hi Luke,

Call New Hampshire State Police Licensing Dept at (603)223-3873. There are links to obtain forms.


To buy weapon or ammo minimum 21 years old.

To already own a weapon minimum 18 years old.


To buy or own 18 years old.

Hope this helps.

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I’ll check out their site. And see what I can come up with.


So I called up there and they said that the only thing they advise is that I have a bill of sale. I guess having a bill of sale shows that the person who had them legally sold them to me or something of the sort @38Snubnose.


Great info @38Snubnose! And great question @luke_ouellette

Congrats on the electrician apprenticeship! My son is doing one and LOVES it!

In most states, you can own a handgun between 18 and 21, but you cannot buy it or purchase ammo for it.

A bill of sale is a good idea for your safety and in the remote chance the gun is stolen - you will want to report anything like that ASAP! The more details you have about the firearm the better.

Here’s a link to our NH reference page:

It’s focused on Concealed Carry, however, it will direct you to the right sites for further details. You’ll see there that guns do not have to be registered in NH.

You’ll want to make sure you’re transporting the firearm correctly when you travel as well. If you’re driving, check out all of the states between home and your destination to see how you’re required to case/carry the firearm through the state.


Well it’s not a confirmed electrician’s apprenticeship. I still have to find someone to take me as an apprentice but once I can find that I’m pretty much all set to go and I just have to find somewhere to live.
And I figured that all states just required you to separate the gun and the ammo and keep it out of reach of you as you go through state lines.


So you start out as an electrician’s assistant type deal? That’s how my son did it too. :slight_smile:

Separating the gun and ammo is a pretty safe bet, but double check those laws - they change too fast.

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I kind of same problem except my husband passed and need to register in my name but also don’t know if they are registered!

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Gotcha. And sorta. The apprenticeship is through the state, and I just have to find someone who will take me as an apprentice for on the job training. But I guess an electrician’s assistant is the correct wording.
Also I was emailing the NH state police people and they said that so long as you can carry you can get a permit after telling me that I needed to be 21 (if I remember correctly). So you guys might want to double check on that because you’re reciprocity site says the required age is 21 for a permit.


What about Texas to transfer it from my brother to me? I just bought it last week and for got about transfer it


Depends on Texas law and how old your brother is. If he’s 21 then you just go to an FFL with him and tell them you want to transfer it to your brother. That’s simple. For me I thought it’d be more complicated since I bought mine from my mother but it turns out all I need is a bill of sale.


I believe NH is Constitutional carry as of February 2017. You can still get a license for reciprocity puposes. I’d suggest joining Gun Owners of New Hampshire. Maybe even contact them with some of your questions. If they’re anything like Gun Owners Action League (GOAL) here in MA, you’ll be all set.


Thanks. I knew they had constitutional carry and that I could get a license for reciprocity purposes.
I called their State Police Dept and they said I just needed a bill of sale.

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Luke, go down to your local police department, with your mom… tell them that she bought them for you, and that you payed her for the weapons… they will have you fill out the ATF form that you would use at a local gun store… they will run the background check and will also have the name of ownership changed… you could also do that through a FFL holder if you know one… Bill of sale is great, but it doesnt work everywhere all the time…