Transferring a gun to my grandson

I recently purchased a 22 rifle for my grandsons birthday. he lives in the foothills of Kentucky and I live in Ohio. talked to his mom and she said it was ok for me to gift him the rifle.
my question is how do I gift it to him, is there any paperwork I should do?


Just give it to him dude.


depends on the state and the age of the grandson???

some states are so anti they say even loaning a firearm to a friend or family member requires hoops…

also some states say they have to be a certain age… so maybe mama should own it???

check your state laws and the laws of the other state is what I recommend…

all so… state to state transfers can be an issue!!! then IIRC it can become federal???

you may have to use an FFL in both states???


I would just give it to him but make out a bill of sale or gifting to the Mother. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ohio Concealed Carry Gun Laws: CCW & Reciprocity Map | USCCA 2022-03-15 (

Kentucky Concealed Carry Gun Laws: CCW & Reciprocity Map | USCCA 2021-10-12 (


thats what i was thinking about doing


My understanding is that it is illegal to transfer a firearm to another individual across state lines without going through an FFL. Think the only exemptions are for antique firearms (C&R licence required) or temporary use such as loaning your rifle to someone for a hunting trip.

There is also another exemption for firearms specifically listed in a will after the current owner dies and an executor for the will is named.


Roadtrip! :grinning:


yep later in march early april


Federal felony, make your grandson commit one. Just do it. What could go wrong?

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It must go through an FFL. Period. Full stop. Your choices are to make yourself and your grandson federal criminals, or transfer it through an FFL.

Fortunately, the FFL option is pretty easy. You can drive to KY with the rifle and go to a local gun store with you, grandson, and rifle, and do it there. Or you can ship it to a gun store near your grandson in KY and he can go pick it up at that store. You don’t have to go through an FFL on your side, you can just ship it (declare what it is to the shipper) straight to the FFL.

Surprisingly, it is legal to mail a rifle USPS to a dealer. I’ve done it myself to prove. There’s a form for it, as long as it’s not an NFA and not a pistol.

[yeah, it’s a stupid law, it’s unconstitutional, it’s BS, but, it is the law…it’s not difficult to follow…following it is what I recommend]

[Yes, millions probably tens of millions of people have broken this law without ever knowing and not been caught…remember this when people say something like “we need to enforce the laws we already have” or “everyone in jail belongs there”…]


Neither OH or KY require you to go through an FFL to transfer, sell or gift a firearm. You just can’t sell to a felon, which I’m pretty sure this kid isn’t a felon.


The United States federal government says it is illegal to transfer a firearm between residents of different states

What he is asking about is 100% illegal unless done through an ffl

“ Generally, for a person to lawfully transfer a firearm to an unlicensed person who resides out of state, the firearm must be shipped to a federal firearms licensee (FFL) within the transferee’s state of residence. The transferee may then receive the firearm from the FFL upon completion of an ATF Form 4473and a NICS background check.”

A license in this context refers to being a federal firearms licensee aka an FFL


Ok… you are going to go through all of that just to give your grandson a .22 rifle. But I can purchase firearms out of state in person. Done it on multiple occasions. I guess I’m in trouble for that .357 magnum I gave my father in TN for father’s day one year.


You can purchase long guns out of state at an FFL, yes.

You cannot purchase firearms out of state from a private party/non FFL.

If you gave your father in a different state a handgun without going through an FFL, yes, you both committed federal crimes.

Remember this when people say we should enforce the existing laws or say everyone in jail belongs there.

Some laws are silly. But, the laws they are


very well


Take it with you on a visit, and accidentally forget it in the closet of the room you are in. Then when they call you to tell you that you forgot it, tell your daughter they can use it to their hearts content until you return to collect it…


A Lot of you Gunner’s NAILED IT!
or you could mail his Mom a check! and she can go to
the local Kentucky Windage shoppe and buy it herself… K.I.S.Fella’s
It’s a .22! (I prefer a .22 Magnum but that’s just me)
Not like you are Radar O’reilly and stripping a Willy’s and sending it home to
momma piece by piece.
No rule breaking
Alpha interference
Cross state worries.
have his MOM take a few pic’s of his Sh** eatin’ grin and know it was all legal and TOTALLY WORTH IT!

just mi dos Peso’s
adonde nosotros vamos uno nosotros ir todo!!!
Nessun passo sul serpente


Correct, sending money and they use the money to buy the gun themselves, for themselves, perfectly fine

I love Texas gun laws. No registration, I can gift a gun to someone who can legally own one. No receipt required but I always write one. Ive gifted pistols to my younger sister, both of my sons & my daughter multiple times. Sold a 357mag to a friend’s widow for a dollar. It’s the only gun she had ever shot. I let him keep it for a while during his illness. She gave it back a few years later after my wife got her proficient with a 380.
In 2004 I bought four Glock 22s from a COP friend for $250 each when the SAPD switched from Glock to M&P. No receipt. Kept one, gave each of my adult kids the others. GOD BLESS TEXAS


If you were both residing in different States when the transfer took place, the statute of limitations has not run out, and authorities became aware that you violated this law and decided to prosecute you then the answer is yes you could end up in significant trouble. I believe the penalty for both of you could be up to 10 years in prison. Even if you received a likely lesser sentence I believe you both could also lose the right to ever own or carry any firearms ever again.

It’s a dumb law that likely violates the Constitution but it is the current law and has been for quite awhile.

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