Moving out of state (possibly) with handgun not registered in my name

Great to know @Tankrachet86. Now I go to my local PD and not the Sherrifs office right?

Really you could do either i guess… never thougjt about doing the sheriffs office for that

I’ll definitely check with my local PD and sheriff’s dept to make sure that that’s the case and then make the trip on the off chance that they don’t do it.
But I really hope they will do that.


Be careful as you travel through different states, especially NY and NJ. Try to stop for gas before entering those states. DO NOT SPEED! You do not want to get pulled over. You may not travel through RI, but states like RI say you can transit the state, but you can’t stop for any reason, even to get gas. Try to plan your trip through as many gun friendly states as possible. And if you need to stop in Springfield MA, gimme a shout. Good luck with the program. We need more young people stepping up.

If I’m ever passing through that way I will. Thanks. Though what RI says it actually illegal since Congress ruled that so long as you’re passing through for just gas and food then it doesn’t matter what gun you have in your vehicle. I can’t believe they can actually get away with this. Why aren’t people demanding their Constitutional rights back?

Right. The problem is there are so many laws on the books that even a lot of police officers don’t know what they are, or get them confused with another law, ie storage vs transportation. The end result is you get arrested, maybe spend the weekend in jail, and hopefully get let go because you weren’t breaking the law to begin with, but you’ve been inconvenienced and are out some cash. I bet if you asked some police, or even a lot of gun owners what the Firearms Owners Protection Act is you’d get a blank stare.

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That’s honestly disconcerting to me.

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