Myths of Elijah Dickens

He didn’t use a HellCat

He didn’t use a red dot

Only 2 of his shots was from 40 yards away and they were both misses

His iron sights were also not functional

Not functional how?

The standard Glock sights he had were damaged in a motorcycle accident.

Where’s your info from? I just read one link stating first shot was a hit from 40 yards.The Good Samaritan With A Gun In Indiana Serves To Refute Four Common Gun Control Myths
Read several links stating first shots were at 40-50 yards, hits from G19, and Elijah moved in, gunman attempted retreat.


Pictures of the Glock?

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My thoughts - things to to be clarify, plus the lessons we can learn from that shooting and CarryTrainer’s video:

  1. the sights were not “not functional”. They were damaged; meaning, for somebody who knows the tools used everyday - damaged iron sights or non operational red dot still give a very good point of reference. Perhaps shots from longer distance than 25 yards are hard in that case… but still can be accurate.
  2. it doesn’t matter what handgun is used as long you are proficient with it
  3. if you miss from a distance, go and close it a little. It’s a good idea to challenge yourself at the range to find your limits
  4. you should know your skills and limitations. Visualize the situations and the way how you will react and what you can or cannot do.
  5. always try to be better than you are now


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A post I can fully agree with. Thank you for posting.


Facts: Elijah Dickens stopped the attacker cold. I don’t care if Dickens made the attacker dead with his mind, or he did point shooting from 40 yards or 14 yards or 4.

Here is another myth btw : that dude has balls made of tritanium alloy.