What did you learn today?

Went to the range today and trained with my new EDC. I found during my drills the bullets failed to load, frequently. I also found my sight picture is hard to acquire without glasses but, I still passed go performing drill. 20 shots, 6" target at 25 yards. My .556 shot tight pattern at 25 yards, like it should and functioned properly.
Training my girlfriend, she was frazzled at the warm up drill. 1/2 inch dots at 10 feet with 24 shots. She got two dots and the rest she was just below the dot. The second drill was 4 - 6" targets and each one gets 5 shots at 15 feet. My girlfriend got all her shots in the circle. She also shot the .556 and was in the standing position with no supports and got a really good tight pattern.
We discussed the things we seen in our performance and talked about what we were going to do to fix things. I will be going back to my Sig P 365XL as an every day carry but I am going to try and figure out if it is the magazine that is the problem on the Kimber Ultra carry .45. We are going to practice the Dot Drill with my SYRT gun training system.
So, what have you learned at the range and training?


Is that Kimber brand new? Shoot about 10 boxes through it. Kimber manufacturers there 1911 to pretty tight tolerances. She just needs a break in. After that, should run like a Swiss watch.


Older, used. I am sure it is the magazines. When the round did not chamber it was still in the magazine and the slide was locked back.


She missed twice. The ballistics on a 9mm even at 10’ are still climbing and trying to overcome the mechanical offset of the sites.

Most pistols are “regulated” to be dead on at 25 yards (That means how the sights are set up) with a fast moving 9mm the shots will be low as they are going at a pretty good clip but will hit at 25 yards just fine.

It is handy before you get all sideways about dropping shots to shoot the SAME target at multiple ranges to see if it is you or the gun that is off. You can take a 6" target with a “lollypop” sight picture and watch your impacts climb into the x ring as you move further back. At about 25 yards they will be POA / POI (Point of Aim / Point of Impact) and then will begin to descend.

The exception I have found is my Colt Officers Model 19111 with a 3.5" barrel. I am dead nutz at 7 yards and dead nutz at 100 yards. At 70 yards I am 18" high.

Ballistics are your friends use them.




Yes. Some people do shoot at 100yds. with a 1911 .45 ACP. The last time I shot at 100yds. I put 7 out of 9 in the kill zone on a K-5 target w/ 1 head shot. Oops. I have mine set at 50yds. and hold head shoulder junction. :+1:


I explained to her that shooting under the dot is okay. Lining the sights properly and not dropping it down or raising it to the lines below or above but, controlling the trigger pull and your grip. That is why she was so frustrated, she thought she was shooting bad and she wasn’t.


I have to get glasses before I try that!