What if the red dot fails? [pic]

You use the irons


I just wanted to post this really, those pictures are insanely hard to get holding a cell phone in one hand and a pistol in the other, and that one is both in focus (as much as is physically possible) and signs are aligned.

One in a million


And if you have a rifle with irons and an optic and they don’t co-witness, make sure to zero your irons.
My son was up from TN a month back, and we went to my club and brought non AR style guns. The LER scope on my M1a Scout blew the vacuum and had condensation. I have QR rings on it, popped the scope off, and we took turns banging steel at 300 with the irons. When we were finished, my son says “that was cool, never shot with irons before.” 2 years ago he was an E-5 in the USMC, and he still trains pretty hard with WPS and some other groups…how times have changed lol.
Looking at that photo again, had to add something I just forgot. Years back I had my tactical shotgun at an indoor range, zeroed the cheap red dot then went into mad blaster mode. Last couple rounds I thought my sight picture looked a little different, but hits were on so I finished up, packed my stuff and headed home. Got home, and that’s when I noted that somewhere along the way, that 18", ATI stocked lightweight 12 gage had blown the lens out of the optic.
Cool thing was getting in touch with the company to let them know, and when they said they’d replace it, I told them not to worry about it, as $25 optics and 1800 fps slugs weren’t made for each other…but they insisted. Shout out to Ohuhu…I think that was the brand. Just checked, no name, but after 5 years on the shelf, the battery’s still good.


When I was checking out green dots for my micro 9 concealed carry pistol one of the requirements I insisted on was that they would co-witness. I have a hellcat optic ready and put a swamp Fox sentinel on it and they Co witness fine. Don’t know if I should have used the brand name of the optic and if I shouldn’t have just let me know. You may find after sighting in the DOT it doesn’t set perfectly on top of the front post. I think that’s just the nature of the beast if the irons are a little different but the dot should be point of impact. Without the Green Dot I shoot about an inch and a half to 2 in to the left but since I’m aware of it it doesn’t concern me.

On edit and it’s probably common sense but I make a habit of changing out my battery annually. It is still working but batteries are cheap and it’s good insurance

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The photographed firearm is zero’d

The slide was milled for an optic, it’s not a factory ready option, no adapter plates, sits lower.

It can also be held/viewed so that the dot is in space in the window of course since that’s how dots work, just hold the gun a little bit lower vs your line of sight for example


Looks to me like your irons and Dot matchup great! Mine did not exactly match but they were very close.

Looks great.

I personally prefer the dot being zeroed when it’s in the middle of the window.
My sights are lowered to the minimum so these are not very visible while using the dot.

A 2022-12-10 21-25-09
A 2022-12-10 21-25-24

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Due to the magic of RDS, it’s also zero’d in the middle of the window. :slight_smile: See second pic posted later, looks a lot like your first pic (rear sight below front, dot centered in window)

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Yeah. I’ve noticed.

I didn’t like the iron sights to be high and be visible using dot. They distracted me.