Old Man vs his old assumptions on Red Dot and Polymer Pistols

I decided to test my feelings about Polymer frames and the use of a red dot—two subjects of being old and hard-headed. Steel frames are real pistols- polymer is a plastic gun. Red dot is only good for a range, or competitions-iron sights are better for CCW. So I purchased a Polymer frame P365XL and a Holosun 507k to see what the hubbub is about.

My Take after four range trips many hours dry firing and learning to find the dot when drawing my pistol. A total of 600 rounds, 30 min a day, give or take, depends on my Zoom meetings. I use laser cartage, and my target is at 3 and 7 yards and the same at the range. I did test it out without the Red Dot the day I bought it ten rounds- P365XL surprised me that it shoots well and the trigger is not bad. I was hitting 8inch paper targets and 3- 7 yards -5 rounds at 3 yards and 5 rounds at 7yards, all hits. It felt good in my hands, and it was not hard to get back on target.
I added the 507k and started to practice acquiring the red dot, which was tough. After about a few days and me swearing, this sucks. But I finally got the hang of it, kind of. I can draw and hit 2inch, 8inch, and 10inch paper target. Of course, having 32 MOA Circle helps big time!!

My summery
I need more training before I even think about putting in my rotation. Red Dots -I am still on the fence. Polymer frame pistols I will only have one. I wonder about all the new shooters who have a misconception on red dots- it will not make you shoot faster or in self-defense to acquire a threat more quickly than iron sights-my opinion. Red Dot use needs a ton of training. I forgot to add-I zero at 25 yards with a rest.

My targets and my EDC – Minus the p365xl-



Can we get quantitative in this comparison? What drill(s) did you run and what were your hits/scores/times with each setup?

Going to a red dot tends to increase accuracy, not close range speed. It can also greatly extend the range at which accurate hits are made with speed.

In my experience, and the experience of many others, speed and accuracy is more or less the same at 3-5 yards…speed is equal with accuracy increased around the 7 yard mark…and both speed and accuracy improve from 10 yards and out, with the difference being substantial in accuracy at 15+ yards (due to the front sight not covering a huge amount of/the entire target)

I have, for example, long used “The Test” as a benchmark for myself. From a low ready, 10 yards into a B8 (5.5" circle) at 10 yards.

I am way faster and more accurate with a red dot, and it’s not even close. Like, 5 seconds for 10 hits in a 5" circle at 10 yards.

Today when I shot at 5 yards, 2-3 rounds at a time, into a large (like, A zone equivalent), with the red dot, it was probably the same as it would have been with irons. Except the next shot to the occular was a tad quicker and more accurate, as even at a mere 5 yards I find the dot quicker for hitting smaller zones


3 hits under 3 second is the drill I use Hitting the the 10- It is simple and is easy to measure. I am slower by half a second using my red dots at a range of 3-7 yards- average time under 2 seconds for 3 shots. I did not write down my true time but it was under 2. What I saying I need a ton of practice-


Good report. I hope primers come back again someday — I also need more trigger time, and can’t burn wildly through what I have left. :worried:

My practice taught me that I had not been using sights at 3 yards — I couldn’t tell whether I was actually using the irons, which were clearly visible. Times were unchanged, but I couldn’t miss that I never even saw the red flash. At 10-15 yards the dots are quicker and more accurate — if I don’t miss my presentation. But at 5-7 yards I am relying on a sight picture — dot is more precise, but slower to acquire; irons are quicker, but may use the entire “A” zone. I won’t be ready to carry the dot until I get that middle range ironed out, so to speak.

I like the 507K, too. It’s big enough to find the reticle (eventually) but small enough to add nothing appreciable to the holstered gun by way of weight, bulk, or concealment. As someone whose first move with any rifle not destined for 100% optics was to secure a good aperture sight. I like the large ring reticle a lot — easier to find and drive, and it drops to center like a ghost ring with plenty of accuracy for me. I’m not trying 50yd shots, and have really only used the dot to get zeroed (and to learn that I could not find a brightness level to cover a suitable range of conditions).

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Reloading (thecastlearms.com)

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I looked at the cci small pistol primers and read at the bottom “Inbound and preselling.”

Have you ever ordered from there?

I order ammo from there all the time and get very fast delivery. Usually 1 or 2 days.

It does take time; more specifically, practice over time.
My first shot usually isn’t any faster than with irons, but my follow-up shots and multiple targets are much faster and accurate with optics.


Thanks, I stand corrected — conditionally. Guess I will have to change my gripe. :heavy_dollar_sign: :roll_eyes: :heavy_dollar_sign:

I’m not exactly enjoying the new improved doubled price for factory FMJ, but a 4x increase for primers in qty 5000 still has me choked to the ground. That’s in addition to –

from listing page:
These primers are inbound from CCI, and we are preselling
so they don’t take up space in our tiny 1,000 square foot warehouse.

from checkout cart:

So maybe quick or maybe a month, and maybe they won’t presell more than they receive. I dunno.
Guess maybe the fat cat gets the worm for a while longer.

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