My daughter crushed me in Sporter Rifle competition

We shoot in a postal league (email in scores).

She shoots on the Junior team and while she would kick some serious hind end as part of the adults… she gets a lot more recognition as a Junior.

If you are not familiar, below is a pic of the target. 2 shots per bullseye and 3 targets total.It’s all standing! 300 points total, 30 shots.

She started out with a used $100 savage Mark I 22 rifle. She was shooting 275’s so I set out and through a few contacts was able to get her a brand new Anschutz 1416 rifle with a scope. Lucky kid, it’s the most expensive gun in the house at 13 bills. That was a year ago. She gained 10 points on average with the new rifle.

Anyway, I shot a 274 to her 294 with 98 on each target. I’m still waiting for her to shoot a perfect score on 1 target, then a PS overall. Her average is about 10 points or so higher than the next Junior and it’s higher than all of the adults on our team at the moment.

She also shoots competition air rifle. I’d be happy to share some of those pics and info in a new thread. I’m the assistant coach for the Junior team and the official score keeper for the American Legion in Cicero, NY for the state match.



How old is she, @Sneezy?


@Dawn She will be 15 Sunday. She is shooting the Army match air rifle competition at our club this weekend. a 60 shot Precision standing match Saturday and Sporter 3P on Sunday.


Please wish her a happy birthday from me! And good luck!! Can’t wait to see the targets!


Awesome! Seeing stories and scenarios like this gives me hope for the future. Keep raising her right @Sneezy.


Happy Birthday, and good luck to her.