Daughter wants a gun

I have had my daughter at the range and she has shot a .380, 9mm, and my Springfield .45 fully loaded. After some time has passed I get a message with a Kimber Amethyst Ultra II 45 Auto (ACP) 3in Matte Stainless/Amethyst Purple Pistol - Rounds 7+1 for $1529.99. She has good taste! Looks like a Christmas present.


Tell her thanks but you dont like purple…:grin:


Daughter at the range is awesome! Her wants is awesome! However a little less bling can buy 2 guns??? Just a thought.

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If she gets a gun she loves she will be 1000x more likely to want to shoot it AND to learn to shoot it well. I was a little surprised by some of my wife’s and daughter’s handgun picks but they have shown me that they know what they like and will absolutely stand by their choices.


First, there is NO WAY I wait til Christmas. Second, Buy two, no sense in taking ANY chances. At the very least add the pepper spray and a good knife. Third, great taste, Kimber all the way in .45!


My daughter was vehemently anti gun for years, and then one day out of the blue her and her roommates decided to come to the range with me. Now she is a proud CCW permit holder, her first gun was a Smith and Wesson Shield .380 EZ, and we’ve been going weekly to shoot.

God, I was /am so proud of her and her roommates.


Great choice.
Be a good Father, don’t wait for Christmas :smiling_imp:


Dont forget to thank yourself, DAD, for patience and your range training!!! But as dads, we carry onward, and not patting ourselves. Congrats!!!


Todd, I might add that the Kimber service center is located in one of the most gorgeous parts of northwest MT, and they take great care, at least in our experience. I also know of a fellow biker dude, that worked for them at that facility, and he speaks very highly.

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