2019 US Army Junior Air Rifle qualifier

Our club hosted one of the qualifier matches this weekend. We did a Precision, 60 shot all standing and a 60 shot 3 position matches. There is still a month to go. The top 3 teams and top 30 individuals get an invite to the next match.

My daughter is in the top 20 with a score of 535 out of 600 points in Sporter Rifle. She’s ranked low in Precision. Now she knows that with a just a bit of tweaking to how she shoots she could add 10 points in a blink. I know she has it in her.

I am also the assistant coach and scorekeeper.
We use the Orion Scoring App and turn in all scores online. I love virtual matches!!

We shoot a state match in a few weeks. both Precision and Sporter. The top team and individual get an invite to Camp Perry Regionals next spring. My son was there this year and had a blast but did not advance. We are really hoping to advance!

I have a 10 meter air rifle setup in my basement and we alternate who gets to shoot. I am hoping to get her to shoot enough to pick up 10-20 points before the NYS American Legion Match.


Awesome sauce.

My daughter ended up in 37th place out of 833. Not to shabby! That was a 535 of 600 points. To get the the top 30 she needed a 538 or 539 which she is capable of.

She shot an air rifle qualifier match a few weeks ago and shot a 543. She will be going to regional competition at Camp Perry in Ohio in April.

She’s also the top junior in our 22 sporter rifle league by 10 points! Her average is 287 of 300. 30 shot standing match light rifle at 50 feet. (7.5#'s or less).