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I taught a women’s firearms class not long ago. At end of the day, one of the ladies came over to me to share some of her experiences and ask my advice. She was bothered and frustrated that some women at work had found out about her attending a training class. Her co-workers began to dig at her and ask questions. They ridiculed this student for having a gun, possessing a permit to carry and keeping a round in the chamber.

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That’s a very good approach. One that could be followed up with “Why do you lock your front door at night?”, “Why do you have an alarm and/or security cameras?”, “What if they gain entry to your home even after all those precautions?”


I hope my thoughts will be helpful here, but this is not just a woman’s question. Men are intimidated also. It goes to personality type. Just remember, if you cannot stand your ground against a verbal attacker at work, what will you do in the dark against a dangerous opponent? You have to do some soul searching.

I believe the key is to prepare in advance. Sit down, think through your response(s) and be ready when verbally challenged.

Trust me, if violence ever breaks out at work, you will be “big mouth’s” first stop when looking for protection.

People who fail to prepare always drain the resources of those who do.


I’m not sure using a planned parenthood slogan is a good way to introduce your blog comments.

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The “naysayers and leftists will run to the person with a gun” when the stuff-hits-the-fan.

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I guess I’ve never really found it necessary to let anyone I work with know I carry…or anyone else outside of my circle for that matter. Not sure what kind of reaction she was anticipating.

As far as naysayers go…if they have no idea I’m carrying, there’s nothing to naysay. It’s a non-issue.


It brings home their exact words and argument of defending planned parenthood. They usually shut up and walk on. That is the goal of this conversation.


I believe in self defense, if someone is trying to kill you whether it is a pregnancy that will kill the mother or taking out a thug that is self defense. Abortion for convenience or murdering someone who is mean is not acceptable. Killing to protect another’s life is acceptable. Self defense is a God given right. I will protect that right.

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