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While the USCCA self defense scenario videos are interesting, they really don’t help much with actual real life situations that occur more often. I would like to see actual case histories taken from the headlines, dissected, and reenacted showing what the correct response should have been if the victim was carrying. You see these situations in the news almost every day. A man was beaten yesterday in front of a hotel in D.C. What could/should he have done if he was carrying? A writer was beaten on the street by protesters up in the N.W.a few weeks ago. Would his situation have changed if he was carrying?

The correct response is highly subjective. Example, a person who is 6’3", 280 lbs @ 8% body fat would have a different view as a person who is 6’0", 250 lbs and 36% body fat. That’s only from a physical size in a physical altercation stand point. Personality type , training, and a whole lot of other factors play into this. Fight or flight… is the fight worth it (if theres a choice). I believe the important part is to think pretty deeply about the scenario and think of your way. The body cant go where the mind hasn’t already been.

Also, the correct answer in they eyes of the law varies a lot by jurisdiction. The Zimmerman case was pretty clear self defense under the local laws…look how that turned out. The legal ramifications aren’t necessarily the worst part.

That’s why I was suggesting using the exact scenarios and discussing how the person could react if carrying. The legal situation in D.C. might be different than Texas, but that’s where USCCA legal experts could step in and discuss, rather than the generic “a man with a gun tries to rob a convenience store in some unnamed state”.
And as for your other comment, most people who carry will have to go where their mind or body has never been before if they ever get involved in a self defense situation.

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The problem that is with all of these situations the laws are so different from place to place we could discuss one incident 50 times and still not cover the laws for everyone.

The only way to discuss the situations comes does to hypotheticals and what to consider on those hypotheticals based on your local laws or the laws of the area where you’re carrying. There aren’t solid, clear-cut answers when so many variables are in play.

Does that help, @James67?