A good Dynamic Critical Incident story

This is a great read on a self defense, stop the threat incident.

Something I got out of the article was "…Earlier this month, the Clark County district attorney ruled that the shooting was a “clear case of self-defense.” So this tells me that at minimum he had to get an attorney and had to go through at least some legal scrutiny. I hope he had USCCA to back him up.

Secondly, it’s a great testimonial to get more professional training.


just watched the video of him and read the story. it made me think hard about a bigger caliber carry gun . I like .45 1911’s , can shoot them accurately and with two very reliable versions that give me
confidence; I am now seriously considering switching over to one of them for daily carry.


Way to go brother and I would fight to the death to protect my loved ones also. This video makes you think because this could happen to anyone. Situational awareness is key in these times.


My son-in-law showed me this story last nite, and truthfully, I got chills while listening to it. I’m very glad the g/f pick up on the threat as quickly as she did and he saw, and took, his only opportunity. Their team work saved both their lives.