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Do you think people should be allowed to carry guns in public?

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@Dawn Well they are a 93% Yes @710K votes vs 27K for No and 26K for Self defense at 8:10PM EST




I love these polls

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The response “Only for self defense”

Is that what they call a “distractor” question on a test?

Get enough people to answer it that way and suddenly the headline reads “A majority of Americans polled don’t think the 2nd Amendment guarantees the right to carry in public”

But since “Yes” is currently winning the headlines will read: “93% of Americans don’t think citizens should be allowed to carry for self-defense”

Just you watch.


LOL! I am so glad I wasn’t the only one figuring out what their angle was for the weird answers.

I mean really, why else do we carry on a daily basis? It’s not to attack people. :woman_facepalming:


I carry because I hate comfort. As a guy getting dressed was too quick and easy. Needed something to dress around. Self defense option never crossed my mind.

FYI. Loaded this down with sarcasm.


@Craig6 93% that’s impressive.

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I view all polls with a high degree of skepticism since, no matter how much science you throw at them, they always end up to be subjective and are so easily manipulated for a desired result. That being said, I am surprised to see the current results of this one, especially considering the source.

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That’s a wrong question…
I agree with @JamesR here.
2nd Amendment guarantees it, but it doesn’t mean we drive tunks and run with guns in public.
Everything what is allowed or guaranteed should be used wisely.


Well apparently some of us do…you missed the post on Tomi Lahren and comments made on her concealed carry active wear that she uses to carry when she goes running. :laughing:


I’m betting a lot of pro-2A groups are sharing the link to the poll in hopes of making it backfire on the anti-2A groups.


And may their plan work!

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I posted this on another gun board.


93% for the second amendment is what they need to see!


nearly 850,000 votes and still holding at 93%.

:thinking: maybe the 2A voting block is awake now.


well apparently the “no it’s too dangerous” crowd is up and voting now.

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You can vote multiple times evidently! I went to see if the link still worked and had the option to vote again!

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Vote early, vote often. :wink:

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I can’t find where to vote. I see 73% check Mark, but don’t see where I vote

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@Robert8 This may be like a lot of these things, that it tracks what device you vote from with a cookie and you can only vote from that device once.
… voted from my desktop a minute ago, and now it only shows me percentage.