Moving to a Sig X-Carry

My household is one where Sig Sauer dominates, but I do not discriminate against other gun makers as freely as my wife and son. I own a Glock 19 and I love it. Always wanted an X-Carry when Sig released them, but never really wanted to throw down the extra cash. Long story short, my son really wanted one when the Coyote version came out. He worked hard mowing yards and had a great school year, so one Friday when school ended we surprised him with a trip to the range and a brand new Sig X-Carry in Coyote in the range bag. He loves it and can’t wait until he turns legal age and it’s actually his. (We didn’t make him pay for it). I’ve played with it some and recently put it through a training session and I have to admit, I may purchase my own and it may replace my Glock 19 as my primary compact. Would love to hear from some other X-Carry owners about there experience. Rest easy fellow Glock guys, the G19 is going nowhere.

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I’m not SIG owner but I’ve shot a lot of them. SIG is worth any money. X-Carry is a great choice and I really admire your son for all work he did to get the gun :+1:
Moving from Glock to SIG X-CARRY will be the best move you can consider… [I’m sorry Glock fans :wink:]
If you like the way the gun sits in your hand and way it shoots… nothing more to tell.
P320 was my favorite gun, the only reason I picked PPQ M1 over P320 was ambidextrous options.
Anyway - X-CARRY is a GREAT, GREAT piece of art !

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@Jeff4 … pictures please :smiley:

That’s his with the black grip module. It’ll probably look very similar