Most Males are in a Militia you’ve never heard of

I think anyone will have a hard time keeping anyone over 45 out of the unorganized militia if ■■■■ hits the fan.


I believe his argument is very flawed to be honest. Seeing as it could potentially be argued that anyone above 45 is not included in the right to keep and bear arms (RKBA)

When Antifa/BLM was threatening to march into the suburbs during the BLM/George Floyd riots. My town/county of residence activated it’s auxiliaries and I can say the majority of us who showed up were above 45.

I’ve also seen the militia being up to 65 years old in some states.


The argument of who is or isn’t in the militia based on age or any other factors is completely irrelevant since the right to keep and bear arms is given to the people. Not to the militia or only the people in the militia. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

I get really frustrated when I see supposedly pro 2A people fall in line with the anti self defense crowd’s false argument that the 2A only applies to militia members.


When our Founding Father’s were writing the Constitution. They felt that EVERY BODIED male was part of the Militia. And that also included boys that could handle a gun. And it is still known that today that EVERY CITIZEN that owns a firearm is in fact part of the CITIZENS MILITIA that wants to take part if and when it is needed. And that now includes women and girls too. I also know that is our country is ever invaded that the citizens would come to its aid in defending it just like the Ukrainians are doing now with the Russia invasion of their country.