I've always wanted to ask this. About a militia

How do you go about forming a militia? That is well regulated and answerable to the correct Constitutional authority?

I haven’t seen one that I could believe in, as all the ones I have seen have an agenda that I can’t get behind, or they have a bunch of thugs who are there to get their violence on.



That is a good question…

I’ll do some research on that and get back to you. Maybe there is someone who has an answer already on here.

However, I do see what you are talking about because there are none that I see that I myself could believe in.

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Some States have them, as defined in their Constitutions. You can also look up CIDG (Civilian Irregular Defense Group) for some answers.


Well I did some research and it would take an act of Congress or Presidential oversight. Pretty much. You could start an Irregular branch but I don’t think it would recognized.

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I’ve always wondered why a “well-regulated militia” is assumed to be plural, or otherwise comprised of multiple armed citizens.

I self-identify as a militia of 1.

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You already are in a militia. We The People are the militia. Look up the militia act. Also I can tell you in Illinois there is similar language. I’m on my phone and not going to look it up at the moment but if I remember correctly all able bodied adult males are the militia.

Well regulated, in regards to the second amendment means, “trained and equipped” in the vernacular or the era.

As far as joining a militia group, I would if I could find one that doesnt pretend to be an army. I’m all for shooting and training and organizing. But not wearing camo, saluting etc…

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Here, here…….

Here in the Communist state of NY, our State Constitution says we can’t form a militia.

Many states consider National Guard the Militia.