How to Close a Gun Range



I know it sounds crazy but I think this will cause people to train more. It is like reverse psychology


Are they going to shut down all the paintball courses and take Nerf guns off the shelves?
Just asking.


This is straight out of the prologue to a post apocalyptic movie!

Code defines a civil disorder as “any public disturbance involving acts of violence by assemblages of three or more persons…

Except ( in really, really tiny letters ) if you’re ANTIFA or BLM!
I’ve seen this movie before, it’s called hypocrisy!


This is a reaction to groups like the Proud Boys, the Wolverine Watchmen and other militia groups who like to dress up in camo, get their mall ninja guns out and play army.

More importantly, these laws are the action of elected officials, elected by the majority of people who actually show up at the polls and cast a vote. Don’t like it? Then show up at the polls in greater numbers or recall these law makers. Grousing about it without voting does no good.


The bill hangs on this one phrase:

if the person knows or reasonably should know that the practicing, teaching, training, or instruction is intended to be used in or in furtherance of a civil disorder.

That’s a pretty big “IF.”

And of course, it puts firearm instructors in an awkward position. Let’s say 10 people sign up for an intro to firearms class and one of them seems squirrelly. Are you supposed to kick her out of your class? What’s the reasonable person standard when it comes to this?


this entire bill is in response to one guy that absolutely refused to get along with his neighbors. this has been an on running feud in NH for 2 or 3 years now. the fact that they weaponized the legislature against a neighbor is absurd. its everyone’s right to go train and become efficient in use of their weapons and to learn basic tactics and doctrine. that’s EVERY armed citizens responsibility. YOU ARE THE MILITIA, training and becoming proficient is literally what the founders ment by “well regulated”


Yeah, and of course, even if this bill passed, it wouldn’t automatically shut this guy down. His neighbors would have to prove that he was knowingly training people for civil disorder.


"Orange gunz good! Black, nasty, scary, WMD’s BAddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd !


Darn. Now I will have to take “firearms training for anti-government paramilitary activity” out of my course description!


Or add “I am not planning to participate in civil disorder” to the student liability release form.


I thought “they” want gun owners to be trained in order to exercise their 2A privileg… er, rights :roll_eyes:


What if it’s somehow demonstrated that the reasonable person is like radically anti-government and politically violent? Like with math or something? I know these Vermont clowns ain’t cooking with gas up there, you gotta account for the stupid technicalities every time you write a law. Some douchebag/outstanding defense attorney will absolutely go to town on weird nonlogic given the chance. And win.


I don’t dress up, I’ll don a uniform and plate carrier if needed, I’ll maintain and carry a serviceable firearm, and I will hold the line to protect from ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC!

10 U.S. CODE § 246 …I am the militia, unorganized I may be, but militia nonetheless! I’m not a Wolverine nor Proud Boy, I’m AMERICAN! I salute the flag when appropriate and I stand for the National Anthem!
I don’t carry a firearm because I’m hunting whabbits. I carry a firearm because my government may/have turned into feral hogs!

Furthermore, how do you cast and count a vote in a rigged system?

We’ve seen civil disobedience, and they cheered them on! They paid for their release from jail. Paramilitary training :question:
Did anyone see ANTIFA or BLM decked out and fully armed in their “ninja” outfits, carrying unfit weapons? Unsafe and unpracticed.

Yeah! I’ll spend as much time on the range as I need to perfect my craft!
Not for political intimidation, that’s the meaning of terrorism!

We all know the truth about January 6.
The only disobedience was the cop ( the true mall ninja, who, while playing cop ) shot an unarmed civilian, Ashley Babbit. Anyone that wants to dispute that can KMA!

In addition, none of this administration’s cabinet is made up of a majority vote, they are among the dumbest installations this country has ever witnessed! Let’s face it, Charles Manson would be better as Secretary of Transportation! My three year old can put a sentence together better than the current Border Czar.

Right now, the founders are rolling in their graves, embarrassed at what has become of their blood soaked ground! We’re not living up to their expectations! We’ve let them down, we’ve let down our veterans.

That’s the second biggest disgrace since he was looking at his watch when the service men and women, he killed, came home under the AMERICAN FLAG!

Proud Boys, Wolverine’s or Keystone Cops. It’s what’s required for a FREE Nation to exist!

IMHO rant!


Yeah, I have no idea what the “reasonable person” standard is in Vermont. :laughing:


I disagree. The founders did not use the phrase, a “well trained” or “well supplied” or
“well provisioned” militia. They use “well regulated” Militias were the police and armies of their day, and I believe the Founders meant “well regulated” in the common sense of the word “regulated” to mean controlled. The Founders were rightly concerned that militias run amok presented a risk to society and wished that the people possess the means of defending themselves against such militias.

Justice Thomas when writing one of his dissenting opinions in one of the Chicago gun cases described how militias like the KKK, with collaboration of local governments were able to engage in a reign of terror because recently freed blacks during Reconstruction were denied the right to keep and bear arms. That’s what the Founders meant by “regulated” in my opinion.

You are under the mistaken impression that the phrase then has the same definition as it does now, which it historically did not. At the time of the founders the citizenry were encourged to fund and outfit gunboats for letters of marque, it had nothing to do with “ccw” or hunting dove…


There are countless upon countless examples, openly spoken and recorded, by the founders, that CLEARLY shows the intent of the 2nd.

“A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined; to which end a uniform and well-digested plan is requisite; and their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories as tend to render them independent on others for essential, particularly for military, supplies.”
-John Adams, speech to US Congress January 8, 1790


That was my first thought, was that paintball “battles” are the closest to actual battle one can get, which would seemingly target, no pun intended, those more than a range. But anti-rights people and politicians are not known for their intellegence. <Don’t give them any more ideas, they are dangerous enough as it is>


No, it isn’t. Read the story.

True, and it is not what you claim it to mean. Read their writings and speeches, it is quite clear they did not mean what you claim. If they believed what you claim, they would have allowed the British army to seize their arms and powder, and the Revolution would not have happened.

They were not a militia. You have some quite “interesting” views on our history. You espouse so much anti-rights rhetoric, yet claim you are a firearm owner, but… your views tell us otherwise.