USCCA: What are your views on a Militia in general?

I am just curious about this. Feel free for anyone to join in please.

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I think they serve a purpose but they make a great target for anyone who is anti firearm and you can bet the government knows who they are. So I never will join one in this political climate.


That all depends on how you define militia? If you mean the militia defined under US law, than I’d say it needs to be revised to be gender neutral, otherwise, the militia pretty much encompasses all able body persons ages 17 to 45. 10 U.S.C. 246


The Idaho State Constitution says all able-bodied males between 18-45 are in the militia. I agree the wording should be gender-neutral. I also believe the age range should be extended, perhaps have an auxiliary or home guard designation for those over 45? If we ever lose the battle over whether the 2nd Amendment only applies to militias, it is state constitution articles like this that may be our only protection for gun rights. I’d hate for people to lose those rights at 45 years old.


I watched a documentary about the Missouri Militia last month. I thought it was cool. They look & seem legit. Not sure if I would join one…

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Dude, I seriously did not know about that, and I live in Missouri. Going to go watch it.

For real? The 51st, those folks, I’d be interested in joining them.

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