More Guns, More Crime?

You’re preaching to the choir here, we are in full agreement.


I like that whether or not more guns means more crime is not a correlation of importance to Sheepdog556… lets face it, statistics are politically funded, studies are laden with agenda bias to create outcome, and any dichotomy, trichotomy, or assemblage of studied variables are largely a matter of status quo conformity.

Crime is defined by State and Federal Statute. This is a statement that I can respect to some degree up to about the year 2008. Since then, community organizations have enabled city halls and their attendees across the Country to establish way, Way, WAY more than ordinance even to the point of creating unstable statute on the state and federal level. It is out of turn, these new statutory assertions, in its haphazard way of identifying crime, criminals and punishment without regard to the proper enation, adoption, election, and/or legislation of law.

The dignity of one’s home is important. Shoot first, ask later when it comes to your home, inside the thresholds.

I agree the dignity… and your expectations about who has a right to be there … is essential.

That said, a “shoot first, worry about whatever later” attitude is going to set you up for significant legal jeopardy when later arrives. We shoot to stop a threat, so training for defense should focus around that, and shoot first is not really reflective of what we train for. Defense is legal, not just physical, and making sure rash or hyperbolic public statements don’t come back to threaten our freedom later is part of that.

Challenging you to put some more precise words to what you mean @James234.


Well I say it’s just the opposite. Been proven that as ccs is becoming more users crime is going down Not Chicago or Boston

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It’s never the number of guns that matters, it’s in who’s hands those guns are and the intent of the user.


Oddly enough the county in which Detroit, Michigan sits has become the county with the highest percentage of permit holders in the nation according to one article I read recently.

Sounds like the good people of Detroit and Surrounding area have finally gotten the word and decided to take it all back.


No, I stand behind it if someone breaks down your door. Its shoot! It’s a 4th amendment rights violation. If you watch cop they move quickly when its . I dont even have a gun so careful. I dare say I’m the most careful one

A home invasion is a forcible felony. In any state with Castle Law you’d be justified. That is not a defense of property that is a defense of life and limb because you have a reasonable and articulable expectation of grave bodily harm or death.

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