Fact or Fiction: Concealed carry laws and constitutional (permitless) carry laws increase crime

Fact or Fiction: Concealed carry laws and constitutional (permitless) carry laws increase crime.

While this may be a completely legitimate concern, the data gathered regarding violent crimes perpetrated with guns from pre- and post-constitutional (permitless) carry laws and shall-issue laws tells us otherwise.

Check out all of the details on our new Fact and Fiction page:

What other arguments have you heard as “fact” but are truly “fiction”?


Let’s see…
More guns=more crime/murder.

The reason cities with strict gun laws have so much violent crime is because of how easy it is to get guns in a neighboring state with weaker gun laws.I

Anyone can walk into a gun store and buy a machine gun.

If we get rid of guns the crime rates will drop way down and we’ll all be safer.

Nobody needs a gun to defend themselves. That’s what the police are for.

That’s just a few of the fictions I’ve been confronted with recently. Every one of them can be debunked easily by anyone who can read and access the internet.


The government should mandate training. Best fiction/joke ever.

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This is an excellent collection of data, but I wish USCCA would make it more prominent on their resource page (or elsewhere on it’s sight). I can only link to it from the article.

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How DARE we confuse the “FACTS with the TRUTH” (Joe Biden)

Facts are in inconvenient anomaly to the fear that the MSM can instill in the general public. 2017 ~400 deaths were attributed to the use of a rifle (of any kind) which is less than the number of people killed by people driving cars that struck bicycle riders.

GUN crime is on the RISE!!! Ummm no it’s not.

The MSM only sensationalizes that which advances their agenda as opposed to reporting the # of shootings and deaths in Chicago, Camden, Philly and Baltimore as a start. Last time I checked they were ALL AMERICAN’S, not just black inter city dwellers. “Black Lives Matter” had a shot at doing something positive until they curried to the favor of the MSM and now they are nothing unless it is a white cop that shoots a black person and the NAACP is hot on their heels as well as Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson to pronounce widespread and endemic racism of pick a police force. Quite frankly it is disgusting.

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