Media Hype

…research from legal scholar Dr. John Lott, Jr. at the Crime Prevention Research Center has shown that “states with the largest increases in gun ownership also have the largest drops in violent crimes.” Why? Responsibly armed citizens “reduce the number of attempted crimes because criminals are uncertain which potential victims can defend themselves.”

I doubt that excerpt from Beth’s latest blog article will surprise anyone here. The media hype feels like it’s twisting the facts to increase their ratings.

We see the effects gun control has had in Chicago where the only people who have firearms are the police and the criminals. Shootings deaths in Chicago far outnumber the deaths in mass shootings yet they don’t get the same sensationalization treatment. In one August 2018 weekend, 72 people were shot and 13 killed in Chicago. Do you think allowing concealed carry in Chicago would reduce the number of violent crimes?

Why aren’t the shootings in Chicago given the same attention as mass shootings?


Because it doesn’t help the goal of an unarmed citizenry. The left owns mass media just like they own Hollywood. You can’t have a weak, beaten down and dependent population and an armed population at the same time!

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Chicago is not politically expedient for them. It’s a high percentage of black on black crime, in poor neighborhoods, in a city with EXTREMELY restrictive gun laws, run by liberal democrats. The only time Chicago is mentioned, is when the media tries to convince us that the guns are from across state lines. The media blames the lack of government overreach in Indiana on Chicago’s problems. Also, most of the murders are committed with cheap, low capacity, handguns. It doesn’t help them push the narrative of these “weapons of war, with 30 rounds magazines.” I’m not demonizing all liberal democrats, just stating the fact that Chicago has been run by one political for quite some time, and that the core policies of that group do not work.


Because Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country and acknowledgment of their violence problem shows that their laws are not working.


I agree with Mike. Doesn’t fit the agenda.

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@45IPAC -> :+1::wave:
Chicago is the city I’m using “avoid / escape” techique. South part is a Wild West, even simple traffic rights are not respected. :rage: This is the place I’ve seen the most waved guns in my life :triumph:


ANd Chicago’s crime is bleeding into the Southern part of the state. They take the train from Chicago, to Carbondale. There was a shooting just last night in Carbondale. Just last weekend, a man tried to abduct a little girl in broad daylight at the University Mall. Carbondale is a very liberal, college town. It’s basically little Chicago.