More alert around police officers

To be perfectly clear this is nothing negative about police.

My wife mentioned I seemed distracted when there are police around. It wasn’t anything i really noticed till she got mad that I checked out of our conversation when a group of officers walked into the restaurant.

After that I noticed that I do become more alert around first responders, not because I’m doing anything wrong but because of the attacks on people in uniform. I just feel the chances increase when they are around.

Again it’s to no fault of law enforcement and I hold no hard feelings towards any first responders. Anyone else notice they tend to be more observant when around first responders?


That’s an interesting question… I haven’t thought about that before. I’d say when there are police around, it definitely stands my ears up. Why? Hmmm…

Something might be up… if it is, I want to know and I want to be paying attention to where its coming from. I think the other side of it is that we’ve had some pretty negative interactions with officers, although not in Missouri. I think that makes me a bit hyper-alert - maybe the “something” that’s up is them.

For the LEOs here, I get it, and I’m not anti-LEO on principle. But I am watchful until you show me what kind of person you are.

Thank you for bringing this up @Sheepdog556 - I’ll give this more thought the next time it happens.


I read this thread just before going to Walmart the other day. I was waiting around while my wife was checking out the clothes rack just in case she needed something :grinning:

Anyway, I saw a policeman in full uniform walking very briskly towards me. I immediately thought “oh shoot, somebody must of reported me (concealed) carrying and I’m going to have to pull out my ID and permit in front of everybody in Walmart”. He kept on walking briskly past me and my heart rate went back to normal. Since he didn’t have his hand on his sidearm I figured he was just in a hurry to pick something up, but it sure did put me on higher alert for just a moment. :toast:

edit: Has anyone been reported to the Police for printing or and up-shirt exposure? If so, how was the situation handled? Were the police discreet?