Missing F-35

A correct thought, until… a runway ices up, or landing gear won’t open, or a bird strikes, or a volcano in Iceland spews junk, etc etc etc. The biggest challenge in software in general is all these fringe cases. A human mind bests current AIs a millionfold when it comes to this.

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Test them under conditions like Maui fires. If the car can crash the road block and escape the inferno, it is fine. If the chip condemns the passengers to fiery death, it is not OK to write code with such assumptions.

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You’re entitled to your opinion. Have a great day.

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" When the SHTF! We get the Mucker-Trucker outta there! (too easy, Thank you Mike)"

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Meantime, they are getting serious about AI!


“This fear is at the heart of the academic field of machine learning fairness, a blend of critical race theory and computer science

I stopped reading right there.


The current fear/debate about AI is totally manufactured and has been beautifully timed to add another log to the fire of divisiveness.

AI has been with us for a long time and it’s an inevitable by product of better/faster technology. It’s the reason Amazon music can give you a customized playlist of songs you’ll love and be highly on the money after observing your “likes” for just a few days. It’s why your iPhone can predict the correct next word you’ll need as you type an answer to this thread.

Like any other technology it can be used for great good and WILL be misused by some…


Indeed. It is also the reason you can be tracked exactly to your locaton by any government agency or creep because you carried your cell phone.

Disagree. AI is AI whether it is used by the CCP to control a vast population or by your bank to make sure you don’t buy a firearm.

I would argue that it has already been misused - heavily - by many. Refer to my second answer.


My point is that the AI ship sailed a loooooooooooong time ago. The current rage and interest in AI will fade as soon as the next manufactured outrage that is politically expedient surfaces.

I agree that it has already been misused and I agree that it has and will be used for potentially nefarious purposed. BUT, there is NO way to avoid “progress”. I can make one phone call right now and get anyone’s information down to what kind of toilet paper they like and how much they go through every month.

And I know someone will say, I buy everything with cash and have a flip phone. Ok, if you have 999 pieces out of a 1,000 piece puzzle, how difficult is it to figure out what piece 1,000 looks like?

And, BTW you will die soon (generically speaking and within the context of human history) and will get buried wearing the tin foil hat you carefully crafted, and the supply of those likeminded folks will dwindle to zero soon enough…


So what’s mine and how do use? I don’t even know the answer to those questions. It would be interesting to me for you to find that out. :rofl:

I thought that was what happened during the “Dark Ages”.

The Amish, Quakers, etc., do a good job of it, too. :rofl:


I don’t wish to start an argument, especially with a USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Instructor. Wow, that was a mouthful. So I’ll just say this. If the ship has sailed a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago then why the concern over my answers? Why criticize when you know the truth? I mean according to your analysis we’re all under the A.I. machine anyhow. Right? So, you are the captain of your ship and the master of your fate. Without a tinfoil hat. And the Taliban and others like Hamas will continue to produce their own weaponry and terrorize the advanced A.I./Modernized countries. Imagine wearing a tinfoil hat and making rockets from metal piping. Obviously, A.I. taught them a thing or two.


While that’s all true, the Army still issues combat knives for last ditch hand to hand fighting. Same holds true for aircraft as long as there are pilots on board, they’ll have a gun for that last ditch effort.


We had both the M9 on our survival vest or in a holster. It was up to us how we carried the pistol. We all had an M4 carbine with us. They put a small rifle rack/holder for us to stow them in flight. We did not have that in 2006 though. On that tour, I had mine beside my seat on the deck. Not ideal by any means. Lol.

I flew the Blackhawk. I don’t know if the Apache pilots had a carbine or not. The scout and Chinook crews did for sure.


So this is an important distinction. IMO distrust for AI at this time is because consumers in the US feel vulnerable to creeps or Chinese/Iranian etc govt agencies. Until current tech offers safeguards from degenerates and enemy foreign, it is garbage.