Minnesota's latest nonsense

Hello from Minnesota. I was greeted by an email yesterday morning on the same day the anti gunners were protesting at the capitol. Apparently two state senators are attempting to ram through some new legislation.

Here is a portion of that email I got from the MN Gun Owner’s Caucus.

Their bill, SF1723, contains a number of onerous gun control provisions, including:
Registration of all firearms
Registration of all magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds
Registration of all .50 caliber firearms
Mandatory lost & stolen reporting
Banning nearly all semi-automatic rifles
No more than one gun purchase every 30 days
Police Chiefs would now issue permits to carry
You would be required an obtain a permit to own any firearm
Permits would require physical and mental health testing
Permits and firearms ownership would require liability insurance
Firearms could not be carried on any government property or inside any government facility - even with a permit to carry
It would be a crime to carry past a sign prohibiting carry at a private establishment
and MANY other restrictions on your Second Amendment rights

This bill is a MASSIVE infringement upon your Second Amendment rights and MUST be opposed immediately.

This is more or less how the Nazis and the Communists got their way. None of it is constitutional as nobody has to be screened for mental health issues to exercise their 1st amendment rights.

Anyone else living in a free range gulag? Because this is likely to pass given the socialist democrats have control of my state.


Honest question here, I’ve worked with, for and around many great people from Minnesota and honestly not a single one of them seem to be anything other than Pro2A. Who in Minnesota is voting for these legislators that are championing this crap?


Similar infringements are going around everywhere that are holding their Legislations. All they’re doing is playing POLITICS with these agendas, and NOT seeking REAL SOLUTIONS.


Minnesota ≠ Minneapolis.

Just as Illinois ≠ Chicago, Texas ≠ Austin, and Virginia ≠ D.C.


We have Dominion voting systems. I have personally seen irregularities and reported them. It is how Ilhan Omar received 77 percent of the vote for her re election and nobody questions it. I live in Saint Paul, in the second highest crime area of the city and nobody here votes democrat believe that or not.

Yet we are saddled with these communists. Which is precisely what they are. Most of the people in the state are pro 2A. It is the milquetoast passive aggressive liberals screeching about guns. Rather than address the crime problem and who is committing all the gun crime. It seems there is also a surplus of Glock Full Auto Sears in this state and all the local bangers have them.

But somehow it is the law abiding gun owner’s fault for all the problems.



77 percent of the vote. If you looked at the polling data you and anyone else with eyes to see would realize something terribly wrong has occurred




Same idiots that voted for Ihlian Ohmar.


The cities.

The answer is pretty much always the cities.


Thanks for sharing. Been thinking about beautiful Minnesota as a retirement state. Although, far northwest Illinois also.

I wonder if you might join various 2A groups in MN, get on there email lists, as they might link you to legislation slips where you can write lawmakers and or join others for having your voice heard. I do that in my region.

Best to to you friend.

I have joined a couple mailing lists. Northern Illinois is not someplace I would consider retiring to, and Minnesota is turning into California. Honestly Iowa looks a lot better for freedom than Minnesota right now.

I teach permit to carry here and with this new batch of legislation, it is going to make getting a permit ridiculously difficult. Mostly because here in the cities the bureaucrats in uniform are political and they tow the party line to stay in power. It is that way in any larger city. At any rate it is a dangerous place to be here in Saint Paul, even in the good parts.


Stupid is as stupid does. :man_facepalming:
Lets Go Brandon.

Minnesota Democrat lawmakers push ban on gas-powered lawn mowers, chainsaws to curb ‘climate pollution’ (msn.com)


Please note, only in the metro areas are Minnesotans challenged. Thank you.


Well Craig, I grew up in a rural environment and then moved to the twin cities. If you think that all of us who live here are “challenged”, you would be mistaken. Just because I live in Saint Paul, does not mean that I harbor the passive aggressive disorder called “Minnesota Nice”.

I am also not a card carrying communist who pretends the DFL represents the people.

There are plenty of us who are trying to get out of the cities because the cities are a reflection of the lowest common denominator. The reason why land is so expensive here, is to keep the stupid away from the rural areas.

Easy bud was a joke. I knew better. Good day sir. Was referring to the GROUP vote results.

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I know a joke when I read one. Having lived on the east side of Saint Paul has removed my sense of humor after the last 3 election cycles. You expect people to wake up and realize what their vote gets them and you are perpetually disappointed.