Michigan may be ground zero

I, in no way condone this. However, this is what we all knew would eventually happen.

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The entire tone of that article read like “Just lick those boots harder, we all need to spit shine them real good!”

As a security officer myself I understand that he was doing his job. I was speaking to how the article was written. I do not condone killing people.

That being said, if our Governor doesn’t listen to reason soon, this will be more widespread.


Shooting a security guard because he did not allow your family into a store is not something I expected to happen. As responsibly armed Americans, we only use our firearms to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

While I agree that the article politicized COVID-19 and the use of masks, shooting an innocent security guard for doing his job is not the way to improve the current situation.

This shooting cannot be blamed on the Governor any more than it can be blamed on the gun used to kill the security guard.


I agree with Dawn on this. I think wearing a mask is BS for most people, but, if a store requires it, and you don’t want to wear one, don’t go to the store.

How could wearing a mask be worse than going to jail for murder?

After re reading the article, I can see where people could blame the governor. She does not seem to know what the Constitution is about. But, trying to get a law or illegal executive order changed is not done by shooting a security guard…


I have yet to ever hear of a good reason to MURDER someone.



Our Governor is wielding COVID-19 like a political weapon. She absolutely has >some< blame. I’m not saying all, but her treatment of Michiganders is very much causing unrest here.

Sidenote: Watched The Reliant the other night, I want a USCCA card like Kevin Sorbo!

Not so much of a sidenote: Michigan isn’t far off from the rioting and civil unrest that movie had.


This to me is extremely unfortunate and damaging - I cant even imagine the logic
common sense not so common

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I don’t condone the shooting of this guard, at all. He hadn’t threatened the lives of these people. They had the opportunity to just not spend their money in the store. But, the article, and Governor Whitmer are definitely politicizing the whole thing.


Not surprisingly, at least one of these was not and is not a law-abiding citizen, and was already in violation of firearms laws prior to this incident. “Larry Teague is charged with first-degree premeditated murder, two counts of felony firearms, felon in possession of a firearm, carrying a concealed weapon and violating the governor’s stay-home order”. “Bishop is charged with first-degree premeditated murder, felony firearm and carrying a concealed weapon.” Though it was the 23 year-old son, Bishop, that shot him in the back of the head. His criminal background was not referenced in this story.

To further sensationalize, and link legal firearm ownership to criminal acts, this was a part of the story too, though, obviously, completely unrelated: “On Thursday, gun-carrying protesters and other demonstrators rallied inside the state Capitol, calling for coronavirus-related restrictions to be lifted. Some protesters with guns — which are allowed in the statehouse — went to the Senate gallery. Some senators wore bulletproof vests.”


I’m going to disagree with you on this one, @Spence. How is she to blame? Did she make the decision to shoot (murder) someone? No. Did she pull the trigger? No. She is no more to blame for the murder of the security guard than the company who built the gun.

Is she politicizing COVID-19? It sounds like it - but I don’t know the whole story.

If the governor puts the most asinine restrictions in place, that still doesn’t mean she’s at fault when someone murders another innocent person because they’re upset with the governor.

It is 100% on the person who pulls the trigger… even in a self-defense situation. If I have to shoot to defend myself, the decision to shoot is 100% mine. In a self-defense situation I have very justifiable reasons to shoot, but the decision is still mine not the attackers or a politicians.

No matter how frustrated or angry someone is about what the governor is doing, that does not make the governor responsible for that person’s actions.


They should have a stock title for all such articles “some people with guns did something”.

I mean, you could also say “felons violate laws, find slightest excuse to murder”, but that makes too much sense, and meaningful press is boring.


I’m not specifically referring to the killing of an innocent security guard. I’m referring to the human condition under complete government over reach, especially in Michigan. I doubt this irrational incident was only about having to wear a mask. Regardless, this person will pay the consequences for killing an innocent person simply doing his job.

Reality, civil unrest is looming and civil war is inevitable. Who will be to blame for that… rebels/patriots or the totalitarian regime. I guess it depends on a persons narrative and agenda.

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She’s responsible for the atmosphere that lead up to this. When i go to the store i see people looking wildly at others as though they feel like they’re going to be attacked. There is no conversation happening between customers anymore. As soon as i set foot inside i can feel the desperation and panic of others inside.

Our Governor has people believing with every fiber of their being that this virus has a 100% kill rate. Anyone with common sense knows otherwise, however everywhere you go it’s “Covid 19 this, social distance that, your governor has ordered such and such”.

So while the man who pulled the trigger deserves all of the blame, I do believe the Governor shares in that blame. If she was fostering a different atmosphere than an adversarial one, this might not have happened.

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While I really hope you are wrong, it may come to that. The article that started this thread is not about civil disobedience or civil unrest. It’s about people who made the decision to go back to a store and shoot a security guard who had no say in the decision making process for the mask order.

While she might be making a bad atmosphere in the state, that isn’t to blame here. They left and came back. This wasn’t a crime of fear or passion in the moment. This was premeditated, IMO.


Let’s not forget to consider the possibility that a shooting in Flint really has/had nothing to do with covid or quarantine…there is very little that happens in Flint that I would would want even remotely associated with any of my causes.

Again if you believe google…
From 2010 to 2012, Flint ranked as the city with the highest violent crime rate among cities with over 100,000 population. In 2015, CQ Press (using FBI statistics ) ranked the crime index for Flint as 7th- highest in cities with population greater than 75,000

More recently…
Looking at violent crime specifically, Flint, MI has a violent crime rate that is 304% higher than the Michigan average and 378% higher than the national average

A picture says a thousand words…


I am with @Dawn on this one. Sure, the politicians say lots of dumb things, so does the media, and so do people on the street. But the decision to murder… yeah, that’s 100% on the murderer.

As an alternate example. When the white supremacist guy drove into a crowd in Charlottesville, was that Trump’s fault? Personally, I say no it isn’t. But if this murder is the fault of the Michigan governor, then Trump is responsible for the death of that lady in Charlottesville. This is indeed a slippery slope, if we start saying politicians cause murder.

I hear you when you say people are looking at each other funny in the stores. In the early days of the stay-at-home order where I live, it was the same thing. To some degree this has become normal here, especially since there is still food on the shelves, and there is even now a little bit of TP to be found :smiley:.

The best route is legal. Our state (VA) has at least two lawsuits that I know of against the Governor. One is to re-open ranges as an essential business, and the other is a pastor who broke the “no more than 10 people gathering” rule by having 16 people in a church that sits 293 for Easter. If these politicians want to have a precedent by making rules “for our safety”, then we need to sue where we can and overturn them to remove that precedent. And if your state laws allow unilateral authoritarianism by the Governor whenever he says “emergency” then you need to push your legislature to remove that.


Our legislators filed a law suit today. In my opinion it’s not enough. AG Bill Barr assigned Federal Attorneys to monitor Whitmers actions, hopefully something is done, something big. Because honestly, if there isn’t…well it won’t be good.

Ok, I concede your point.


Wisconsin is in the middle of one too. :confused: Fingers crossed things start improving quickly everywhere.


I hear you Spence. I think you have synthesized why I posted this particular article. It’s evident from your posts.

Everyone understands this killer obviously had pre-Chinese virus lock down mental issues. Most likely, because of those self-inflicted (i.e., poor decision making) issues, it only took a simple requirement (from a security guard doing his job) to set him off…so much so that he left and came back to kill him. Nobody knows exactly what set him off…yet, we may never know. But, when legislation fails over and over again, people are jobless, then unemployment pay from the very government that put them in this is mess is non-existent, limited to no food, limited freedom, and sinking morale…ultimately despair is all that is left.

Getting to this point varies from person to person based on socio-economic factors, etc., etc., but with the pre-existing political climate already having many people near the end of their rope…you and I, and many other people see the inevitable.

Luckily, my family and I have made good decisions, well, enough of them anyway…that we have my military retirement and I’m self employed in an industry that doesn’t require a storefront (this is the lucky part). Business is down, but not dead. However, hundreds of thousands, if not millions are not so lucky.

The last thing I want is ‘help’ from the government. I want to make my own money and success. I want nothing to do with government handouts, no matter which form (e.g. socialist, communist, totalitarian, or any other, capitalism included) of government it comes from. Unfortunately, as you know, there are way too many people here in America that want government stipends. This so called virus pandemic is their dream come true. They are worthless.