Meet The New Quad-Stack 60-Round Stick Mag For The AR-15


German German German is all i heard in the video…kinda wish it were an American company getting my money…neverthelessI will be picking one up, not sure if it will replace my drum but we’ll see.

It looks nice for practicing and such. I would caution users to be found using such a magazine IF a self defense encounter were to happen upon you. I can easily visualize a prosecuting attorney displaying this to a jury, even if you only fired two or three rounds to end the confrontation. I sweat my 40 rd magpuls and because of that I use my 30’s for home defense. Too worried on my end?

Anything that makes you an outlier from the normative can make you interesting.

I don’t want to load a 60 round mag… :smile:

Then you don’t get to enjoy emptying one.

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I have a couple of the Surefire ones which i bought a few years ago. American made and work flawlessly!


IDK, link works for me…try searching for Surefire Mag5-60

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$149 kinda spendy for a mag for me. But I bet they are fun to shoot!

No, not too cautious- the CYA policy is always in effect

Never heard of Schmeisser before. They would have a long way to go to earn the reputation of brands like Magpul, Okay, Surefire, Lancer, etc, but having more options in the market is always a good thing.

Obvious comparisons to the…

…Surefire 60 rounder. This one is presumably lighter. It looks about the same size. Both are easy to load using regular mag loaders or your thumbs.

… Magpul 40 rounder. This one is heavier, but has 20 more rounds. I can’t tell which one would be longer. The 40 rounder (I believe) fits in regular mag holders.

… Magpul 60 round drum. Magpul is notably shorter, but way wider. The Magpul you can use with a bipod its so short. Loading the magpul can kinda be a pain though with that lever.

I will have one or two of this is it on shelves yet