Ammo Mag Loaders

I have had the Lula loaders for just about everything, I think that I have at least one of all of them. But I just got done loading the AR-15 Mags with my new Bench Loader for the AR-5/M4 5.56 and 223 for 30 round mags. This thing is nice and works great even though it cost a little more than most people might want to spend. If you spend any time shooting your AR-15 I think everyone should have one.


Yes, those Lula’s make loading nice and save blisters on my thumb! :+1:

Have you seen these?

My LGS says he has 6 or so in a box in the back that he will let go of cheap if he can find them. Seems that they weren’t big sellers. Thinking of taking all if the price is right.

@FunCycle do you have a link or pic of the Bench Loader?


No, Sorry I do not know how to do that. It is nothing like the one that you showed, on this one the side is open making it easy to load and then just zip and the mag is loaded.


I think I can afford a few blisters. OUCH! :grimacing:

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@Robert401 and worth every penny

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For the range I have used these loading boards. You can buy one or make one.

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I never needed one till I bought the shield 2.0…

Never have a problem loading ar15 (28 rds) or 45acp (8 rds) mags, doesn’t bother me at all. Different story for 9mm or some .380s. Have loaders for those.

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I love ammo loaders. I keep one of each Lula loader in each range bag. It doesn’t just save your thumbs it saves time too.

be sure to get the Lula in orange, so you can find the darn thing in your range bag.


I have the ETS speed loader. It’s a simple design and not too expensive. Makes loading fast and easy.

I have a RRS Speed loader as well @Greg1. I think I’ve had it for about a year & a half. :+1:t5::+1:t5:

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