AR 15 USGI magazines

Not sure how many manufacturers there are so if I’m missing some feel free to add them.

So which mag is better. D&H or C products?
Does it matter?

Trying to only discuss metal magazines, I know there are great polymer magazines out there

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I have only heard bad things about the C-Products mags…

D&H mags are solid

OKAY Industries Surefeed original mags are solid. (not the new “E2” series, those had some issues at launch)

Brownells brand mags are solid.

ETA: Palmetto State Armory has a 10-pack of D&H for $99 for Black Friday, or a rifle bag and 7 D&H mags for $139


C mags had some issues awhile back don’t know if it’s still true today. Like d&h got mine from palmetto when 10 bucks was the norm. Odd they’re made in Oconomowoc wisc couple of miles from me.


You should see if you can get a factory tour and some free samples while you are there.


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For any of my off caliber platforms C-Products SS mags are the only choice for me, never an issue never a return, can’t say that for others that saved a couple $$$. For regular rat gun I will run most anything. Brownell’s makes a good low budget aluminum bodied rig, of course you can go MagPul and other similar mags but if it costs more than about $10.00 a mag they are suckering you. The tech for a 30 rnd AR mag has been around for 50 years EVERYBODY has it nailed. A $5.00 knock off from today is better than a $200 Colt from 20 years ago. That said I do love my Vietnam era 20 rnd Colt Mags.



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The majority of mine are MagPul and I only have a few steel mags. The OKAY mags have been running strong for years so I would buy them again. I have a few ProMag steel mags that I wouldn’t recommend. They don’t have anti-tip followers which everyone should have by now. I have converted a few with MagPul kits but by the time you buy the kit and the mag it is cheaper to get a OKAY.


I have been using DH,Magpul,OK I havent had any problems with any of these. I have picked Mil Surp mags used at a great deals. I ordered the necessary up grades for them from magpul. Ordered the paint that Uncle sam uses for them. They all look new from factory now and function great

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