Medical info on your person



I agree. Blood type patch is pointless here.

My wife works in hospital and they do not trust any patches or bracelets on the patient.
The only verification is to run cross match test.

In Poland I carried on me official document with my blood type. That was respected in any emergency situations.

Emergency contact information (name, phone, address) is the only valid and needed info we should have in the wallet.

I hope we have EMS people here who can give us more details how does it look from their perspective.


Like many things, it depends. Do you or a family member have a complicated medical issue or history? Do you travel a lot? Are you able to remember and communicate medical details?
My wife has allergies, including benadryl, and wears a medic alert bracelet. She is also a cancer survivor with specific vital details. We both carry emergency cards that have both our info. Neither of us has to try and remember prescriptions or medical history in an emergency that way. The cards also have our insurance info.


iPhones have the ability to put important medical conditions and information on them so emergency responders can easily access it. Android phones probably have a similar option??


As they say, there is an app for that,
I have Medical alert on my phone and it has an option to be on your lock screen so medical personnel can access it if you are totally incapacitated, it has all my meds and other info on it plus my ICE info. I use it most for my drugs when I see a doctor.


I keep a note in my pocket with my address and wife’s phone number. Just in case.:joy::joy::joy::joy:

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You can purchase a bracelet with a QR code that will link emergency personnel to a profile of an individual with emergency contacts as well.
I have special needs children that we use this with. If there is a medical emergency, or simply a child that has run off, the QR code will direct the “rescuers” to contact our list of immediate contacts. It’s not fool proof, but for non-verbal individuals, in the right hands can save a life. Unfortunately, nefarious people would/could do nefarious things.