Massachusetts new bans

On a resent trip to Massachusetts, i witnessed first hand of legal gun owners on the wrong side of a patched in last minute bill passed stripping legal gun owners of firearms.
I visited 3 gun dealers with frantic customers, expressing concerns on their 2nd amendment rights. There has never been a mass shooting in Massachusetts and why now bring this BS into legislation?
I have heard rumor from a similar group to USCCA filing a law suit on behalf of Massachusetts gun owners, is our group going to join in on lawsuits against Massachusetts legislation leaders?


Thanks, you all ready have. I think supporting groups like GOA and NRA would be a good choice. I think USCCA is more about protecting its members rights if involved in a self defense incident.

Seriously doubt it. USCCA is an insurance company with the illusion of a gun rights group. We do have a great training and safety aspect but this “organization” is not in it to win it (2A defenders). This is a money machine. Both sides of it. Make no mistake, I’m not ripping USCCA. I believe they have the best curriculum for carry permits (instructor support is above the rest), firearms training, and information about anti gun stuff. Safety and tips are great. Mini classes

USCCA is an awesome organization, just not a 2A activism group.

Again not ripping on USCCA.


The USCCA tends to stay out of the political side of things with its focus on training and providing self defense coverage to protect its members. I actually think this is a good thing.

The USCCA-FSL appears to be closely associated with the USCCA and their focus appears to be on fighting the political battles.

There are also plenty of other groups out there like FPC and GOA that are putting up a very effective fight at the moment vs the anti self defense politicians and organizations. Those groups and occasionally one or two others are where my money goes to help protect our right to self defense.

I’d rather the USCCA stay out of the political arena and continue their focus of bringing as many firearm owners as possible from both sides of the political aisle into the fold of responsible protectors.


Here’s an idea guys, maybe WE USCCA members start our own organization that does just that. Pretty grassroots if you ask me.


Doubtful an insurance company will morph into a political lobbying organization.

The NRA has always been about enriching its leadership, and, in my opinion, not very effective. In my state, Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners association has been much more effective. I’ve not seen the GOA active where I live.

The elephant in the room is the dying, ineffective Republican party that, increasingly, cannot fend off Democrat efforts to criminalize gun ownership. There are red states, sure, but other states are turning blue and blue states are utterly lost.


Not a bad idea. Now we need to get those wallets open. Also needs someone that knows what to do to get this started. The operations of something like this requires more knowledge of law than I have. Great idea as long as it doesn’t turn into a payday for some CEO. Tough to fight human greed.

Would the efforts be better used supporting one group that is established? :thinking:

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This is close to my thinking. There seem to be new groups popping up all over the place now. How many of them will end up being effective? How effective will they be while trying to get started? How many are just trying to funnel some money into their own pockets while paying lip service to the cause?

But I think it is important to have more than just one big option that may stumble and loose its effectiveness. So I put my money towards a couple of groups that are out there now proving on a regular basis that they are having an actual impact.


Couldn’t agree more.


If BLM can do it, so can we. Except we are more responsible and I don’t think we are thieves! I don’t need a $6 million mansion!
What we will need to do is buy the next presidency!
We’re not going to win by conventional means!

I think there’s a term for trying to achieve something by doing it over and over and reaching the same outcome! We failed twice, the third will be the last of us!
Just saying’


You, sir, are 100% correct. The term you were searching for is INSANITY.

We have a year, maybe, to figure it out. Can’t believe that even the good recipients, of towns like Chicago will still vote for failed administration. We have a mental health epidemic here in the US.

Take it, won’t stop it, won’t protect you, won’t protect granny but, wait wear that thing or maybe two. Wait nevermind. Oh we have boosters

Well give you all the free stuff you can carry. If it’s not in the bag go get what you want, no charge or charges. Oh we’re gonna let some others have your share.

J6, worse than Floyd? Rainbow coalition occupied capital offices as well, deemed peaceful protest.

Apologies went on a rant. Just my opinion.


How many in here from Massachusetts?