Masks and Concealed Carry - NOW ON USCCA RECIPROCITY MAP

We need a list of states where it’s illegal to carry a firearm while wearing a mask.


Welcome to the family brother Greg and hopefully you can learn a lot from this nice group of people.

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If you can’t then don’t go to that state.

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Good morning everyone! Guess what we’ve added to our Reciprocity Map!!!

Click on the state you’re interested in!

Hope you don’t mind I hijacked your title @Greg6! ~Dawn


Excellent news / excellent update! Way to step in and keep the membership informed. We all want to remain legal while being responsibly armed! Thanks Dawn!


Thanks for your diligence Dawn👍

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Great job! One request, although it would take more time… would it be possible to reference a link for statements like “sheriffs and county prosecutors in Illinois have made statements indicating that wearing a mask to protect others from COVID-19 while carrying a gun isn’t illegal as long as the wearer isn’t wearing the mask while committing a crime.”

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