Pandemic Protection: Concealed Carry With a Face Mask | USCCA

COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented number of Americans to adopt face masks as part of their daily lives. This has complicated things quite a bit for concealed carriers. Due to widespread misinformation being proliferated online, many responsibly armed Americans have reached out to the USCCA for guidance on whether an individual can legally carry concealed while wearing a COVID-19 protective mask. We felt compelled to answer this important question as best as we could in order to provide some clarity for our members.

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Very helpful. Thanks @dawn for sharing. There has certainly been a lot of confusion around this and this helps.

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Just joined on July 4th thank you for this info on face mask and carrying me and my daughter have been talking about this for a week or so and been trying to find info for our state. All I have read is the answer that you all gave so thank you again hoping to learn more from you.


I live in Arizona. And they have said that everyone is to wear some type of face covering while out. I called the Tempe PD to ask if carrying a firearm was illegal to carry while wearing a face cover. And they told me that it wasn’t. But if signs were up that it would be if posted.

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I want to share a post from the Prince Law firm in Pennsylvania about wearing masks and carrying during the current mask wearing order from Dictator Wolf.