Maryland ! Carrying a AR 15


I would not be thrillled to see a stranger with a rifle by my kids’ school bus stop. Though he seems (from the article) to be motivated to highlight Constitutional rights for the local folks, he chose exactly the place to make his protest or whatever you want to call it, least popular. I believe this huge idiot is doing huge damage to the gun rights community right now.


I understand and Maryland is a very strange place to live in. It is illegal to do what he did in Florida.
Please be careful of those 1000 feet distances from school zone properties too. The article is a “What Not to Do”, and that man is walking on thin ice. To close to Washington DC for anyone.


[quote=“Alexander8, post:2, topic:91841”]
I believe this huge idiot is doing huge damage to the gun rights community right now.
[/quote] You nailed it right on the noggin.


Maybe not, he seems to have been “fishing”… that would make it legal in Florida. On the face, it may appear to some as stupid and possibly shed lawful firearm owners in a poor light, but at least he wasn’t killing British soldiers that only wanted to make the community safer by seizing the arms of the uppity militias. I am sure there were a good number of “loyalists” that would have had kinder view of the Brit’s actions. :sunglasses:


The article is written from an Anti 2A point of view.

“McAdory’s protest has stoked fear among families…”
“Guns rights activists criticized the law.”
“Scaring our kids and threatening our communities won’t help make Maryland safe.”
“Local families have been disturbed by McAdory’s display of his rifle near children.”
“I think that lives could be lost (or) people could be harmed.”
“County Police said the department has received numerous calls”

This kind of thing has happened around her a few times, a blurb on the news but no big deal. To me it’s a pretty ignorant way to protest.


From the article:
“Scaring our kids and threatening our communities won’t help make Maryland safe. The governor won’t allow these tactics to stop his administration from taking common-sense steps to protect our communities,” the office said in a statement.
Scaring (FEAR!)
Allow (by Gubment) OVER REACH
and lastly: COMMON SENSE!
Why is it (Rhetorical question in the making) that anytime the powers that be
decide to do a Constitutionally illegal gun grab or civilian disarmament it’s…
For the children, or the communities safety when in all actuality disarmament
only serves the STATE.



Better understanding video explaining Maryland
and the man Carrying a AR15 at a school bus stop.

It is a protest against a Bill and everyone is correct and have major concerns on the outcome Legally.
The State of Maryland has some very strict gun laws.

I respect you USCCA and Community.

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Everyone needs to check their local city codes as well as the State Penal Code. Texas does not have a 1000 ft exclusion zone around schools or school properties, nor does the city have anything similar on the books. If I really wanted to, I could walk down the sidewalk right next to any school in my town with either a sidearm openly carried on my hip or with a longarm and it is completely legal. It is not a good idea because law enforcement would be waiting for me to step on the grass.

I do not know Maryland law, but it seems like if I were to do something like that, I would have the weapon on a sling, across my back, not in a low ready position. Maryland may have something on the books saying he cannot have a sling on a civilian weapon. I don’t know.

The article is from an anti 2A perspective and it is fuel added to the rhetoric.


I did notice that the “evil black rifle” never fired and killed anyone. :thinking:
Maybe if more of us got off our a$$'s and joined in, it wouldn’t look so scary.
And yes, I have done this.


Every state is different. I have spent only 3 .5 years in Maryland and worked there. It is totally expensive and wild compared to Northern Virginia; 4.5 Years living there. You will have to check the states laws on any weapon, learn and research.

Being in Florida is much easier, but the biggest problem is some people reject even a sling shot for self-defense. Many neighbors condemn firearms and please stay away from any school zones and learn your state laws. USCCA has training by some very good instructors, and you have indoor/outdoor Ranges too for training.

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I absolutely do not want to see someone standing by the bus stop, holding a rifle, hand on grip. Like, picturing my neighborhood personally, and my bus stop, a strange man standing there empty handed is going to draw my very serious attention. With a rifle held in his hands, and not even like in a sling and he’s holding it steady but just carrying it by pistol grip and foregrip?

I’m calling the police/school and telling them not to bring the bus there. If it’s a repeat thing my kids aren’t riding the bus any more.

I might even pull my kids from that bus if the guy was completely unarmed, but just a strange man stalking the bus stop because he’s upset about politics.

Not something I want to be a party to.

Not something I would recommend anybody do.


There’s a right way and a wrong way to protest. This seems to be the wrong way IMHO


Awareness is needed and I do understand and respect
Your feelings and opinions.

I agree fully and I believe we have been educated very well to be responsible firearms owners and operators.
The protesters that walked around with a AR15 and
another person with a Shotgun at a school bus stop could of been arrested and brandishing a firearm, that would of been the easiest part and the hardest charges could of been next.

There are many thousands of responsible gun owners, but there are some irresponsible people too. Please
stay teachable and safety always. These are not just words to throw in a big pile of waste, but I enjoy the growing up and learning daily, correctly.

I have learned a great deal of knowledge and there are many harder states to live in with laws that are unconstitutional. We must continue to stay alert and stand for what is right.

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Sounds like the sight of a man with a gun frightens you. Standing around in public holding a gun, to me, isn’t frightening without some other effect, like yelling, pointing at people, shooting it…
I don’t think this is an appropriate way to protest for sure but call the police, take the kids out of school, call the school?


How many people have you seen in a residential suburban neighborhood carrying a rifle in their hand?

Because I’ll be surprised if it’s anything other than 0.

Me? Zero.

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Been to Utah lately. They show up at protests, the State Capitol and yes on Main Street. If I were to put a number to my actual encounters it would be 10-15.


How many people have you seen in a residential suburban neighborhood carrying a rifle in their hands?


I was not aware of that many people carrying rifles in residential neighborhoods. Got a link?

How many were at a bus stop?

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Anybody else notice safety off?

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There are actual neighborhood watch type group walking some of the neighborhood at times. Me personally, last fall I came across 5 armed, 2 with rifles, in the Ball Park neighborhood of Salt Lake.