Exercising your 2nd amendment right in public?

I see more and more they days idiots that want to express standing on the street corner with a slung M4 rifle. My question is why? What is y’alls take in this and what would you do. Remember the activist is standing in plain sight. Rifle is slung over his back you see a magazine in the rifle. But his hands are in his pockets and his stance is non aggressive.

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These types abound unfortunately. We had a jerk sling his AR and come to a parade in my town. My feeling is this; many Americans think gun enthusiasts are all crazy and jerks that act like this help make their point. I’m 100% for C/C…open carry bothers me because I feel it places undue stress and anxiety on some folks. I’ll carry wherever it’s legal, but nobody will know.


If I could open carry in Illinois, my statement would be on the 2nd of each month. I would open carry a “normal” firearm. As it is now, I wear a shirt that is 2nd Amendment oriented. It does, every now and then, spark a conversation. I would not be on a street corner with a long gun. I feel that projects the wrong image of us law abiding gun owners.

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I agree. Walking around with a rifle slung over your shoulder sends the wrong message. If i recall seeing the news on the El Paso shooting, that is how he walked in to the Walmart.


Nothing to worry about. I’ve seen guns everywhere in society. Being an OTR driver 20 years, the security guards at hunts point market in NYC walk the walls with ARs in plain sight. Like a penitentiary. Being raised in a rural setting we always had rifles handy. Feelings are not a point of legal importance. Being situationally aware is key. If you are aware, There’s no need to worry about a non threat. As high school kids we often brought rifles and shotguns to school in order to go hunting or shooting after. Never had an issue. The narrative these days is to use emotion to guide the narrative to hyper sensitize the public to the big bad gun… I refuse to cop to it…

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