Mantis x 10

Ordered one today…this thing is so cool…gonna completely change my shooting



do not rely on technology only… it will never replace good Instructor and real person’s feedback. :point_up:


Aren’t guns technology, too?

I get what you mean and I agree, one-on-one and group training provides immediate feedback, provided the trainer is both good and can teach.

Videos can help but can’t show you what you’re doing wrong.

From what I hear the Mantix system does provide feedback, but I doubt nearly as good as a good trainer.

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Yes it does.
I’m not going to negate Mantis X value in training. A lot of shooters use it and get good results.
But in this case I wanted to lower @Randyb’s expectations that this box would "completely change his shooting". It won’t.

People get too much trust in computers, IT and learning devices.