CoolFire Trainer


Looks like an interesting trainer but a little pricey when you put the whole system together. I’ve also looked at the Mantis X system for training. I live in Northern Wisconsin and there are no indoor ranges within a couple of hours, having an option to practice indoors during the winter would be nice. It also has the potential to save money over time with ammo prices.


I love my Mantis. The only complaint I have is that sometimes it registers shots (laser) from random sources. Maybe the LED lights in my place set it off…


Wow- cheeper than live amo in the long run.

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Bought the Mantis X Elite for the wife for he birthday.
Sadly the unit had a problem out of the box and would not stay connected for more than a minute or two.
I will say their tech support was great. After trying everything they asked, they sent an advanced replacement and provided the postage for the return.

The replacement works fine. Now need to take more time to use it :slight_smile:

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I purchased the CoolFire trainer during COVID lockdowns as I couldn’t go to the range, and ammo prices were sky high. Ammo prices are still high, but this tool is great. My only complaint is that it is not available for either of my EDC pistols. So I’ve had to do most of my practice on one of my range pistols.

When you match the CoolFire, with a MantisX, and Laser Academy you get a really awesome training combination. You also save hundreds of dollars in ammo. I did a “round count” of my training to date with these tools and I have more than “paid” for them in the ammo savings.

I still go to the range in order to “verify” the training, but I can say it is working very well. With the MantisX you also get to work on getting rid of the bad habits that might be hampering you.

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Welcome to the family @Luddite_Vic and God bless you.

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Thanks for the welcome @Johnnyq60

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