Mantis Blackbeard...If Not Allowed please delete

I recently picked up the new version Blackbeard X and so if anyone wants to grab my original Blackbeard AR15 Dryfire Kit I’m looking to get $150 for it.


I’ve got my eye on the X version for simulation training. If you don’t mind, why are you letting go the original? What does the X do that the original won’t do for you, given your experience with it?


I have an original from about a year ago.

From a user of both perspective, what’s the benefit to the new one?


The new setup I can use with the Training Academy setup where the old one will not work I believe is the difference.
I guess I could have just bought the new magazine and not the whole new kit but I was thinking I’d just use it for one of the pistol AR’s for just dry fire…which if I don’t sell it I’ll do just that.


I’m eyeballing it because it is compatible with the Smokeless Range. So, it should be fun.


Jump on it…I’ll cover the shipping as long as you’re in the lower 48.
We can do paypal if that works for you.

My bad, I’m referring to the Blackbeard X. It is compatible with the Smokeless Range. Please excuse my lack of clarity. Certainly, you’re not selling the X version for 150 bucks?!

No…I’m selling my Blackbeard version because I just updated to the BlackbeardX.

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